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Mama Glow Must Haves: Birth Bag Picks!

| June 27, 2014

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As a doula providing labor support to my clients during birth I am often asked what to pack for birth. I have a checklist of things I expect a mother to have unhand- but I also have amazing products that I love- which I suggest or bring along to births as well. These are some of my must-have birth bag items!

Beauty on-the-Go! 

A deluxe travel package containing six essential skincare products, including: The Bee Charmer – Refining Cacao Honey Cleanser with ritual chocolate, vanilla and Bulgarian rose, Deodorant spray, Hydrating beautifying mist, and Frankincense restoring serum. It also contains our favorite- La Balmba Rosa – Healing Rose Balm. Safe for you to use during and after pregnancy and a delight post delivery when all you want is a nice warm shower and coziness with your bundle of joy. Purchase from R.L Linden Co

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Happy Feet! 

I love Happy Socks! Who says you need to wear those uncomfortable and ill-fitting traction socks at the hospital. Keep your toes warm and toasty in style. Happy Socks has an extensive line of designs for your feet to flaunt.


Snack Bars! 

Essential snack for birthing and breastfeeding mamas. These bars contain essential nutrients that pregnant and nursing mamas need, like folic acid, potassium, calcium, iron and vitamin A—and are nutritionally balanced to provide the long lasting satisfaction of protein and fiber without too much sugar. Nut-free, gluten-free, and dairy free! I keep these on hand for every birth I attend. Get your Mama Bare bars.

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Light it up! 

Be the Light Candle by Petra Nemcova Celebrate your new life with this scent inspired by the Hatian Hibiscus, this large and luxurious candle smells of beauty and strength with notes of vetiver, pepper, orange, mandarin and of course, hibiscus. The Haitian Hibiscus is known to represent strength, which their country is known for. 60 hours of burn time to set the mood for your blissful birth. Comes with complimentary matches.

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Flip out! 

Flips Audio is a unique audio headset that transforms into a powerful speaker with the flip of the earpiece. A sleek design and beautifully packaged Flips can drown out any noise in a hospital setting so you can tune inward and get ready for your delivery. Instead of packing your iPod dock or external speaker- you can plug in your Flips for perfect pitch audio.


Chic, Sleek, Protective! 

Depending on your labor, you could be in the hospital or birth center for a little while. I always encourage families to bring an iPad or some form of music, and entertainment to keep them occupied and in the mood. People get nervous about dropping their devices on the hard hospital floor or not having the right protective case that allows easy viewing as well. The DodoCase now allows you to customize your iPad case. This is a nice gift for yourself or your partner before your big day. So don’t forget- B.Y.O.D- Bring Your Own DodoCase.


Relax & Rejuvenate!

I AM Enlightened Creations- Chakra Crystal Mists. Handcrafted near the vortex of Sedona, AZ using wild-crafted flowers, essential oils, and gemstone essences. I AM Peace- to balance the root chakra & promote serenity. I AM Love- to awaken the heart chakra and promote deep healing. I AM Enlightened- to activate the crown chakra & connect to intuition, creativity and divinity. I use these in my prenatal yoga privates and suggest them for the labor room. 



Believe it or not, vibrators are great to use during childbirth. Pain and pleasure receptors can’t be turned on at the same time so when you experience pleasure you shut off your pain receptors and dull the sensation of pain. During contractions a woman can use a vibrator for relief to take the edge off the contractions. We love this Hello Touch Vibrator by Jimmy & Jane. Hello Touch delivers over three times the power in less than one third the size of other fingertip vibrators. When used for nipple stimulation, you can increase the frequency and intensity of your contractions if they’ve slowed down. It’s just another interesting thing to pack in your birth bag. 

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Pack it up! 
This haute Overnight Bag by Unit Portables is Mama Glow approved! Unit Portables is a system of bags and pouches that structures your gadgets in a smart way. Exterior and interior features strips of heavy-duty grosgrain loops that allow individual organizing Units to be attached. This system allows you to add, remove and fully customize your Unit Portables bag. Set includes a see-through mesh toiletry bag, a computer sleeve and, a practical pouch to manage all your cables. Purchase at Flight 101

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Having a baby soon? What are you packing in your birth bag? Share your comments below. Stay Tuned for Part II with even more products that support an awesome labor!

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