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Mama Glow Gift Guide: Holiday Shopping for Expectant + New Parents

Mama Glow Team | December 11, 2021

The holiday season is here again, and while this year has come with its challenges and heartaches, there is also so much to celebrate – memories made and milestones reached with the people we love, especially. A lot of babies were born and conceived this year, which means you may have a pregnant person or new parent on your gift list. While the couple or individual may have made a registry listing their needs for baby, there are a number of brands and products that put the focus back on the parents’ holistic wellness through that highly transitional period.

If you or someone close to you is pregnant or recently welcomed a baby into their family, here are some holiday gift ideas to honor the new addition and their journey into this next phase of life:


Ava Fertility Tracking Bracelet

Seed Cycling Blends – Wellflower

We are huge fans of seed cycling and Wellflower‘s functional pantry essentials are formulated to support each phase of your cycle by providing hormone-healthy nutrients in a whole food kind of way. As our hormonal chemistry changes throughout each month, our nutrient needs change, too. Try the Seed Cycling blends to support healthy cycles and get rid of painful periods.

Full Cycle  – $28

Fertility Tracking Bracelet –  Ava

Increase your chances of pregnancy. Ava Fertility is the first and only FDA-cleared fertility tracking bracelet. It works more precisely than a period-tracker app or fitness wearable, which can only estimate your fertile window, plus it delivers results in real time. This game-changing technology is the perfect gift for someone who is ready to get started with their pregnancy journey.

Fertility Tracking Bracelet Bundle – $279- 359

Deep Detox Kit : Herbal Cleanse – Anima Mundi Apothecary

Our favorite herbal apothecary, Anima Mundi Apothecary has created the perfect herbal detox box. This cleansing kit is composed of traditionally detoxifying, nourishing, mineralizing and therapeutic herbs known to target our major organ systems, with a specific focus on the liver, gallbladder and gut. These herbs can help boost the metabolism and assist in the removal of stagnation and toxic accumulation in the body and support a healthy cycle.

Deep Detox Kit : Herbal Cleanse – $180

Menstrual Cup Bundle – Nixit

Nixit is a suction-free, reusable, BPA-free menstrual cup and they have a Build-a-Bundle option that allows you to get the vaginal wipes, cup wash, and mini sachet for the cup.

Build-a-Bundle – Starting at $42

Bundle Cycle Self-Care Set – Semaine

If you have a symptomatic cycle, it’s critical to find products that work to support your body as you move through the changes in your monthly cycle. Semaine is a natural solution for PMS and period relief. As part of our cycle, inflammation increases during menstruation. The onslaught of prostaglandins causes cramping, bloating and for some, PMS. Semaine was designed with 9 powerhouse plant extracts and minerals to help your body when you need it the most. This kit includes: PMS & Period Support: For bloating, cramps and mood swings*. The Daily: For hormone balance, smooth skin, stable moods and fewer cravings*. The formulas are gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, non-GMO, drug-free, hormone-free.


selfcare, intimacy wellness
Rosebud Woman’s full suite of Sensual Self Care Products

Fetal Heartbeat Doppler – Neeva Baby

For friends or family who are pregnant this holiday season, the Neeva Baby Fetal Heartbeat Doppler is a thoughtful gift to help them connect with their baby as it grows in the womb. The lightweight and portable device enables you to monitor the fetus’s heartrate and hear its heartbeat through built-in, high definition speakers.

Neeva Baby Fetal Heartbeat Doppler – $59.95

Plush Robe – Knix

This winter season calls for a plush robe to cuddle up and relax in. From Knix, the brand that from the most comfortable wireless bras to super absorbent underwear, comes a classic robe that feels like a big, warm, fluffy hug. Made with ultra soft looped yarn for extra warmth and fluffiness in a maxi length for maximum comfiness.

Plush Robe – $110

Intimate Care Kit – Rosebud Woman

Rosebud Woman‘s line of intimate care products are great for individuals across the reproductive health continuum, but especially suited for pregnant and newly postpartum individuals. The “Complete Set” comes with Refresh cleansing wipes, Soothe calming cream, Arouse stimulating serum, and Honor everday balm, packed neatly into an embroidered pouch. With every purchase of the gift set, Rosebud Woman is donating a portion of proceeds to One Heart Worldwide, an organization dedicated to safe birthing practices globally.

Rosebud Woman The Ritual Gift Set – $215

Mommy & Me Hand & Body Oil – Ancestral Whisper

This oil made by a Black creator, has a fragrant scent reminiscent of the Johnson and Johnson baby lotion that so many of us grew up with, however this is an all natural formula made from sweet Almond oil, Jasmine, Sage, soft musks and Vitamin E and Jojoba oil. Ancestral Whisper‘s founder Kia Perry created this blend so those who want to adorn themselves with that sweet baby scent. The glass reveals an amber tinted oil with calendula, rose petals and lavender. This oil is great for daily use and can be used for soothing dry skin and rubbing on the expectant person’s belly. It can be used on newborn skin as well. It’s great to add to a foot soak as well.

Mommy and Me Combo – $55


The Kerier® is a body-inclusive carrier that keeps baby close.

Humidifier Set Lalo x Canopy – Lalo

Lalo is a modern baby and toddler brand rethinking the way parents shop for their little ones with products designed to support lifestyle. Founded by two New York dads who wanted to create better products for parents. Lalo and Canopy teamed up to create the ultimate nursery staple, a humidifier.  Canopy is a completely reimagined humidifier that helps keep babies happy, healthy and settled. It’s easy to use and clean with dishwasher safe parts. Use the all-natural, limited edition Lalo by Canopy Aroma Kit with that comes with Soothe – a blend of lavender and vanilla or Cool – a blend of Eucalyptus and sweet orange. Canopy’s built in aroma diffuser is designed to help babies breathe easier and sleep better.

Humidifier Set Lalo x Canopy – $150

Baby Wearing “Kerier”- Lalabu

Meet the Lalabu Kerier. We see a lot of baby carriers and we are most obsessed with this new one. It’s beautiful, comfortable, size inclusive, and promises easy-to-use babywearing for everyone. The Kerier® will keep your little one close and connected at home or on the go. It’s perfect for birthing people and partners. It has the stability and form needed to make wrapping easy, but lacks the bulkiness of most structured carriers. Clip at the waist, put your arms through the straps, tuck in your sweet little one and keep it moving. Also, the colors are stunning. You will have a hard time picking just one! This is a great gift for new parents. 

Lalabu Kerier – $119.95

Personalized Name Bracelet – Little Words Project

New parents are (of course) all about their baby – so why not get them a personal gift that celebrates the name they’ve chosen for their little one? Little Words Project has an incredible collection of uplifting and confidence-building word bracelets, but they also have a custom option to create a bracelet with the word (or name!) of your choosing. And if you don’t want to gift a bracelet with the baby’s name on it, you can lean into the Little Words Project brand’s intention and gift a bracelet with an adjective synonymous with “new parent,” such as “strong,” “seen,” or “magical.”

Little Words Project Custom Bracelet – starting at $30

Postpartum Recovery Subscription – Anya

We’ve been loving Anya, an innovative, female-founded brand that prioritizes postpartum healing and overall wellness. Their products include a vegan Postnatal Multivitamin + Omega-3, Nipple Balm, Recovery Tonic, Scalp Serum, Body Butter, Lactation Tea, Energy Tonic, and Calming Tea. Anya enables you to build your own postpartum recovery box for the new mama in your life by choosing 3 products that best suit her fourth trimester needs, or you can gift a subscription plan that will send her a selection of three products every month.

Anya Postpartum Recovery Starter Kit – $70

Meal Delivery Service – Daily Dose

It’s hard to find time to nourish yourself properly when you’re so focused on keeping your new baby fed – which is where Daily Dose comes in. Gifting your loved one with a delivery of 5-7 days worth of organic, nutrient-rich, prepared meals means provided them with one whole week of high quality food that can keep them sustained without the added pressures of grocery shopping or cooking. Not to mention, Daily Dose makes sure their meals are as delicious as they are healthful.

Daily Dose ‘The Plan’ by Anna Kaiser – $400 for 5 days

Diaper Subscription – Kudos

A new baby means lots of diaper changes, and lots of trips to and from the store to make sure you don’t run out of supply. Taking one “must-do” task off your mom or dad friend’s plate is a gift they’re sure to feel grateful for. Not only does Kudos deliver a monthly box of diapers (in your growing baby’s size) right to your front door, but they deliver a product that any new parent can feel great about using on their little one. Kudos diapers are hypoallergenic, lined with 100% cotton, environmentally mindful, and feature patterns that stimulate your baby’s developing brain.

Kudos Monthly Box of 216 Diapers – $78 

Maternity Bras – Lively

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum come with a lot of physical changes, and it’s common for birthing people to struggle with their body image throughout the journey. For breastfeeding parents, there’s no reason why that experience can’t be an empowering one. Lively‘s maternity bralettes are practical without sacrificing confidence-building style. The mesh-detailed bralettes feature drop-down cups, strong straps, and a supportive inner sling, and their “Mama Self-Care Kit” comes with a super-soft Kimono robe to make her feeding experience luxurious and empowering.

Lively The Mama Self-Care Kit – $150

‘Stay Calm’ Skincare Kit – Follain

Telling a new or expectant parent to “stay calm” is easier said than done, but Follain is here to help make the “impossible” more attainable. In addition to their full line of clean and cruelty-free face and body care products, Follain has curated some limited edition sets for the holiday that center self-care. Their “Stay Calm” set includes Follain Hand Cream, Instant Glow Body Oil, Ultra Hydrating Mask, and Candle No. 1 (which smells like lavender, bergamot, sandalwood, and vanilla), products that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine to make self-care a regular practice in your parenting.

Follain ‘Stay Calm and Moisturize’ Limited Edition Set – $64

Own Your Glow‘ by Latham Thomas

Don’t underestimate the power that reading an impactful book holds. Mama Glow founder Latham Thomas’s second book, “Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within,” makes for a great gift for new parents and mamas-to-be. This actionable read combines spiritual, psychological, and self-reflective tools to help you overcome obstacles and forge a path forward to holistic success. Thomas encourages her readers to embrace vulnerability and harness their unique feminine energy, a meaningful challenge for mothers to face head-on.

Own Your Glow by Latham Thomas Hardcover – $27.95

Gift Card – HATCH Collection

HATCH‘s collection of trendy, comfortable, and functional maternity clothes is a must-have on any mother-to-be’s wardrobe wishlist. We love that they have their pieces organized by trimester, and have included the Fourth Trimester to support parents through the postpartum period. While gift cards may seem impersonal, we think a HATCH e-gift card is a perfect way to offer the pregnant person in your life permission to treat herself to clothes and goodies that will make her feel good – at a time when most of the purchases being made are probably for baby.

HATCH Collection E-Gift Card – $50-1,000

Million Pockets Deluxe Backpack – Jujube

We love a good diaper bag. Sometimes you need something chic to lug around with you. And nothing is better than the supple vegan leather and thoughtfully designed features of the Jujube Deluxe Backpack. Choose your favorite color way, we happen to dig Spice. You will stay super organized and will be using this bag well beyond your from infant years.

Complete Beauty & Wellness Kit – GOLDE

Complete your wellness and beauty routine with all of GOLDE‘s most-loved superfood essentials. Featuring each of their three Superfood Latte Blends and their two Superfood Face Masks. GOLDE is  a Black-owned wellness brand that quickly developed a cult following when they launched their Tumeric superfood blends. Not only can you make your winter lattes to keep you warm and help you heal and recover during the postpartum period, you can also make a facial mask to improve the quality of your skin which may be impacted by the changing season.

Complete Beauty and Wellness Kit – $150

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