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The Gift of Doula Services for Birthing Families in Need, $225,000 invested for ‘Love Delivered’

Mama Glow | December 11, 2021
Love Delivered was launched in April 2021 by Carol’s Daughter and its founder, Lisa Price, and the Mama Glow Foundation and its founder, Latham Thomas, with a focus on raising awareness of the Black Maternal Health Crisis in the United States, and the importance of doulas and advocates when Black birthing people and babies are most vulnerable. 

Carol’s Daughter and The Mama Glow Foundation have joined forces to provide doula services to birthing families in need. In the United States, Black birthing people are disproportionately impacted by maternal mortality and poor birth outcomes. Through the Love Delivered initiative, the Mama Glow Foundation  is actively addressing this ongoing crisis. Carol’s Daughter is committing $225,000 over 3 years to positively impact birth outcomes for Black families in need by funding doula services. Black mothers and birthing people can apply for a grant through the Mama Glow Foundation and be matched with a Mama Glow Doula; people in support of our mission can donate to the Mama Glow Foundation to help advance reproductive justice through education, advocacy, and the arts.

If you are considering supporting the Mama Glow Foundation and the ‘Love Delivered’ initiative, here’s what you should know about the impact your support will have:

What is the Love Delivered initiative aiming to accomplish?

Black mothers/birthing people are between 3 to 4 times more likely to die due to childbirth or childbirth-related causes than their white counterparts– with 60% of these deaths classified as preventable. The movement for Black lives has to start before birth because there are forces working against us before we are born.

Through a committed partnership between Carol’s Daughter and the Mama Glow Foundation, Love Delivered is working to bring increased awareness to the Black maternal health crisis and shine a light on ways that Black birthing people and families can be empowered before, during, and after birth.

How can doulas help improve Black birthing outcomes?

In addition to demanding systemic change that addresses the Black maternal health crisis, for us to truly make a difference, we need to empower birthing people along the childbearing continuum with resources, guidance, and advocacy tools to support their birth village and the larger community. Birth is meant to be a joyful and transcendent experience, and we have the opportunity to work together to restore safety and strive towards equity in birth by ensuring that every Black birthing person has access to a doula that can honor their needs and preferences.
A doula is a birth worker who provides education, emotional and psychological support, and advocates for an expectant family along the birth continuum. A doula helps mentally and emotionally prepare a birthing person for birth and is there to not only offer handholding through the experience but to make sure that the birthing person is getting the care, protection, and dignity they deserve during the birth itself. Doulas can also offer postpartum support while the birthing person heals after labor and transitions into parenthood.

Who is eligible to apply for a grant for doula support through Love Delivered?

This grant is accessible to Black mothers and birthing people who are pregnant or recently postpartum. Applications are currently being considered for eligible candidates located in the following cities: NYC (Metro-Area), Washington D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles. Stay tuned for other major cities to follow.

If you or a loved one is in need of doula support, you can apply by filling out the support inquiry form here

How can I support the Mama Glow Foundation and the Love Delivered campaign?

First and foremost, you can become an advocate for Black Maternal Health! This Giving Tuesday, support our birth village by learning more on the Mama Glow Foundation’s website and visit this link to donate. Your contribution directly supports doula scholarships and the funding of doula services for families in need.

And if you feel called to birth work and inspired to serve as a doula yourself, enroll in Mama Glow’s next level 1 Doula Homeschool Virtual Training, which begins in January 2022. Learn more and register here!

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