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Healthy Hot Sex for the Glow: Orgasms Increase Fertility

| June 26, 2014


In short, orgasms help us to increase our fertility. Yes…ORGASMS. You know that old adage, an apple a day….well it applies here too. Acknowledge your primal appetite for sensual touch and the erotic. The uterus is a powerful player in fertility and gets a dress rehearsal for conception each time you have one. It’s also so important to get comfortable with every aspect of your body and be able to surrender- that’s required in pregnancy and labor too. Doctors and scientists agree that a healthy sex life will increase one’s overall well-being. So, with all that being said, if you can’t remember the last time you had an orgasm, time to do your homework.

3 Glow Tips About the Big – O!

Orgasm help us relax. When women climax the release of endorphins is very relaxing, it’s like a tranquilizer. An orgasm relieves the tensions of the nervous system and leads to better sleep.

Orgasms regulate your appetite and reduce cravings for junk food. During sexual arousal, the body produces phenetylamine, which is a natural amphetamine that may help to reduce cravings for junk food. Those of us who want cookies and ice cream all too often may be craving a different type of sweetness…in the bedroom. 

Orgasms help with pain and stress management.   Orgasms relieve tension. Increase the heart rate, and blood flow throughout the body leading to a state of relaxation. Orgasms act like a natural pain management tool. Menstrual cramps and headaches vanish during an orgasm. Endorphins released during sex can increase pain tolerance in almost 70 percent during an orgasm.

The uterus is marathon training for labor during arousal. It actually moves up and forward, in sync with the round ligaments that are attached to your vulva. This rocking movement, along with the shuddering pulsations of your orgasm, suck in semen as if through a straw. They help make a smooth and rapid trip up into the uterus, where one lucky sperm will meet your egg. The more we train these muscles and practice, the easier it will be for labor and birth. It’s pretty simple: When you work out, your muscles get firm and strong. The uterus is no different. Increase your GLOW POWER while increasing your pleasure. Do you really need more of a reason to stay in for a steamy Saturday night?

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