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Gryph+IvyRose: A New Modern Children’s Wellness Brand

| April 29, 2019

When the founders of the children’s wellness brand Gryph & IvyRose first began researching wellness products for kids, they struggled to find ones that suited their needs. They sought out to create their own line of natural products that benefited their children’s overall health and wellness, with an emphasis on supporting and enhancing immune function.

Named after the co-founders’ children, (Gryphon, Persephone Rose, Ivy, Della Rose) Gryph+IvyRose was founded by a trifecta of three parents who each bring something unique to the brand. Orion Nevel, who is a second-generation herbalist and natural medicine expert. Rachel finger discovered the healing power of herbs shortly after her twins were born at only 28 weeks and weighing in at 1.5lbs each and experimented with Orion’s herbal blends along with acupuncture to boost their health. And Karolina Kurkova, who is known globally as a supermodel, but is a mother of two who is deeply committed to providing the best and most natural who through her own thirst for continuous knowledge and practices, sought out an acupuncturist to treat her family and found Orion.

The entire Gryph & IvyRose line is pediatrician, acupuncturist, and parent approved. They offer everything from body and bath essentials to digestion and sleep support tonics to tasty probiotics. Their herbal blends contain ancient health supportive functional herbs that have been used for over thousands of years, but still cater to the modern child’s needs.

All Gryph & IvyRose products are manufactured in the USA and made with the intention of helping children create healthy rituals early on in life. The products can also be used by parents, especially those needing an immune boost, sleep, or digestive support. The company has also refrained from using over 400 commonly used ingredients like Parabens, Sulphates, and Phthalates, making them safe for pregnant women, children and families.

We recently interviewed co-founders Rachel Finger and Karolina Kurkova, about the creation of the brand and what makes it so special.

Co-founders Karolina Kurkova and Rachel Finger (via Instagram)

Mama Glow: Why did you and your co-founders decide to create this wellness line for children? 

Rachel Finger: We noticed the shift in wellness habits and approaches that adults and parents were taking in their daily lives and wanted to offer that same level of quality and performance in the children’s space.  We’re all parents ourselves and had great experiences and successes personally in using alternative methods for everyday challenges but also wanted to create something that added value in terms of promoting a daily wellness routine.

Rachel Finger, co-founder Gryph+IvyRose and her daughters 

MG: What is your go-to product that you won’t leave home without?

Karolina Kurkova:I like to take a little bit of dark chocolate with me in my bag – it’s a great pick me up.  Gryph+ IvyRose Chocolate Probiotics which I love and use myself are great for both my kids. They feel like they’re getting a treat and I’m happy they’re getting something that promotes their health.

RF: When it comes to Gryph, I always have the Forceshield Herbal Elixir in my bag.  When you have little ones, immune defense is a constant battle and our tight morning routines don’t always allow for a full regimen, so giving it on the go is much easier.

Gryph+IvyRose – Forceshield Herbal Elixir

MG: We know organic and clean, safe products are really important to you. Can you talk to us about the ingredients you used in the ingestible tonics? 

RF: Our acupuncturist was very deliberate in formulating products that included herbs that were effective and gentle, but that also had decades of use and results in his personal clinic.  Orion, our herbalist is incredibly diligent in sourcing manufacturers that follow good manufacturing processes and also sourcing the highest quality of herbs from respected sources.  We send all of our finished elixirs to a third party to test for bacteria, heavy metals and pesticides which is just an added level of protection and reassurance for our parents.

Powerful children’s supplements by Gryph+IvyRose (via instagram)

What product do your children tend to gravitate towards? 

RF: My kids all love the chewable Chocolate Probiotics and the Poppin’ Bubbles Bubble Bath, which are both great treats and tools in my arsenal for those nights when it’s a challenge to get 3 kids into the bath!

KK: My 3 year old Noah has very sensitive skin and the products are miracle workers for him. Products with great quality and formulations on the inside that are as clean as possible but also performance driven. This is why I like our Gryph & IvyRose products because we focus on the user experience but also include ancient herbal formulations that support our children’s health.

Gryph+IvyRose Bubble Bath

MG: What are some of your favorite rituals from bath to bedtime that help your children anchor into their wellness routine? 

RF: Every single night I give all three of my girls Call it a Night Herbal Elixir sleep support as they get into the bath.  Something about bath time gives my kids the major giggles and I just love sitting by watching them connect and interact together.  We usually read a few books and then its bedtime, but I find that some of the most sweet and honest moments occur during this time.

What’s next for the company? 

RF: We are continuing to build out the product offerings across the current categories and even some really cool and innovative new ones.  Our chocolate probiotics for kids have been such a huge success that we formulated a version for adults, which will be out soon!  We also have an eczema balm in the works as well as some other fun brand collaborations.

Order your supply of Gryph + IvyRose through their website  and follow them @GryphandIvyRose

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