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Glow Time: Cultivate a Passion Practice

| December 21, 2014

With the new year upon us it’s time to take stock of what we want to cultivate and allow ourselves to step into the fullness of our passions- bring them into the forefront. What is it you have been putting off that you have been wanting to do? Listening to your deepest desire to tap into your passion and glow power doesn’t come effortlessly, particularly with the competing influences in our busy modern lives. You have to prioritize your passion. There are some distinct qualities that will make your creative journey more focused and consistent, which will in turn lead to increased satisfaction and joy in all areas of your life.

5 Principles for Pursuing your Passions

Discipline: be your own disciple. Motivate yourself to be aligned with what you most desire, obtain the skills that will contribute to your success and show up every day to help move the process along.

Devotion: love and loyalty. You may be devoted to your meditation practice, your gratitude journal, or your morning cup of coffee. Your morning devotion observance should be about play- observance of your rhythms, maybe you draw or play music, dance to Happy by Pharrell Williams, practice yoga. How do you devote yourself to your passion?

Determination: A firm sense of purpose and resolve in personal strength in character to keep steadfast to that vision and passion that animates you. This tenacity ignites a spirit of strength to get you beyond self-doubt and procrastination that is driven by fear.

Desire: What is the longing feeling inside leading you to? What do you aspire to create in this wild life of yours? What feelings are aligned with the visions you are bringing to life? What words embody those feelings? Write them down and seek to feel them throughout your day.

Fascinate: Spread your beauty and joy to others by spreading bliss and living in your glow power. When you give yourself permission to create you will become enchanted, inspired, divinely delighted and cosmically tied to that passion, and you will captivate and inspire others.

Today devote yourself to your own creating with dedication and divine discipline. Take out your journal and colored pens or pencils. Write some words of intention about your current desirable agenda. Then add color to your words in whatever way feels good. Make a commitment to do a page each day centered around your passion pursuit. Make sure you spend some good time honing in on your desire statements. You will be taking steps towards harnessing the next phase of that passion in action.

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