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Glow Pick: Tata Harper Limited Edition Floral Essence

| August 15, 2014


Rose is the highest vibrating plant connecting us to love in a deep and meaningful way. Discover the Power of Triple Rose in Tata Harper’s limited-edition Hydrating Floral Essence, a gorgeous, lightweight moisturizing mist enhanced with an infusion of pure rose. This new infusion of nature’s most effective healer, soother and moisturizer quenches the skin as it balances and refines– plus, its delightful Rose aroma calms and stabilizes mood and emotions. Bioidentical Hyaluronic Acid boosts the skin’s natural hydration while a weightless blend of natural humectants delivers an all-day hydrated feel and plump appearance. Suitable for use on top of makeup, this formula immediately improves and refreshes skin’s appearance and is ideal for delivering anti-aging hydration on-the-go. Don’t leave home without it!

This Power of Rose edition is available exclusively at, and a limited batch of 900 were handcrafted for this special seasonal release. Rose Hydrosol boosts deep moisture and the skin’s natural defenses, boosts circulation and helps reduce the appearance of pores. Rose Essential Oil purifies and soothes the skin to reduce the appearance of redness.

Spray the Hydrating Floral Essence 4-5 times over face and neck. Use daily after cleansing. Shake well before every use. Transform your beauty routine into a spa experience and enhance wellness with each use: Rose inspires internal balance and calm.

 Tata’s Glow Tips:

  • Keep it in your clutch or makeup bag and use anytime instant hydration and radiance is desired.
  • Cocktail with our serums to enhance penetration and performance of your treatment.
  • Use while traveling, especially in flight.

Get your Tata Harper Limited Edition Floral Essence today!

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