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Glow Foods: Vegan Meyer Lemon Tart

| November 2, 2015

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Meyer lemon is a citrus fruit hailing from China that’s a cross between lemon and mandarin. Meyer lemon trees are perfect indoor plants that fruit beautifully. These trees get around 6-10 feet tall but will adapt to pot size- New Yorkers take note if you’re looking for a good houseplant. If you’re a lemon lover like me, this is one you’ll want in home. Meyer lemons are a great source of Vitamin C and antioxidants that boost your immune system and help protect against heart disease, cancer and help increase alkalinity in the body. I grew up loving lemon bars, lemon tarts, I love anything with lemon! Thank goodness I grew up in Cali where we had an abundance of lemons everywhere! I came across some Meyer lemons this weekend and was reminded of my hometown. I made this vegan meyer lemon tart in about 20 minutes of prep time.

– 1 cup pecans
– 5 dates

– 1/3 cup melted raw coconut oil
– 1/4 cup maple syrup – Juice from 5 ripe Meyer Lemons (strained to remove seeds)
– 1 cup cashews (soaked at least an hour) – 1 tsp. lemon zest

PIE CRUST INSTRUCTIONS: In a food processor blend pecans and dates until fine and sticky. Press into bottom of springform pan cover and place in fridge. 

MEYER LEMON FILLING: Place everything except lemon zest into high speed blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into pan with crust. Refrigerate for up to 3 hours to allow lemon filling to set. Then sprinkle with lemon zest. Serve with raspberries.

Who’s ready for a bite!? 

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