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Glow Foods: Spicy Autumn Roots Juice

| October 26, 2014

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It’s getting chilly outside and I find myself acclimating to the shift in weather, having an urge to slow down- to be more still and conserve energy. Root vegetables have a way of drawing deep down into the soil of Mother Earth uptaking potent nutrients and growing in the dark. They are powerful allies for our health. I have a juice recipe that I love and that will help you to ground yourself this season. It incorporates the gorgeous harvest root vegetables and radishes give it the spice! The fennel is great for nursing mamas looking to build and sustain their milk supply. This is a great fertility boosting juice as well. This is a grounding blend that helps with blood build building and anchoring you into the rhythm and abundance of the fall season. * If you are breastfeeding omit the parsley and add more leafy greens. 

Spicy Autumn Roots Juice

4 Celery stalks

1 Handful Italian Parsley

3 Red radishes

2 Purple carrots

1 Handful fennel frond (or inch piece of fennel bulb)

1 lemongrass stalk (about foot long)

1 inch piece of fresh ginger

1 Pomegranate

5 stalks of leafy green of choice- kale, collard, or Swiss chard

Process through  a juicer and drink right away. Let us know what you think. What are some of your favorite drinks for the fall season?

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