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Glow Foods: SAKARA Life Meal Delivery NYC

| March 5, 2014
SAKARA Life co-founders Whitney Tingle & Danielle DuBoise
SAKARA Life co-founders Whitney Tingle & Danielle DuBoise

Gwyneth Paltrow named them the #1 meal delivery program in NYC on her lifestyle site GOOP! They are loved by yogini Elena Brower, Carmindy Bower, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Mastin Kipp. Sakara Life is quickly becoming the premiere whole foods meal delivery service for busy New Yorkers and they aren’t stopping there. We met these ladies two summers ago in the Hamptons at an event our co-founder Haley Binn was hosting called LIV Tru- the duo prepared a gorgeous meal for our Mama Glow Salon Series book signing and luncheon for author Erica Reid.

What started off as a private program for celebrities, models, and top financiers has now transformed into NYC’s #1 meal delivery program, being offered in NYC, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts! Sakara Co-founders, Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise, grew up together in the beautiful town of Sedona, Arizona, where they were exposed to the benefits of natural eating and holistic health from an early age. They started Sakara Life in New York City in 2011 with the desire to create a platform for people wanting to take charge of their health while supporting local farmers and the environment. The Sakara Life organic meal delivery system is based on the science behind a plant-rich, gluten-free, superfood diet. The nutritionally-crafted cleansing program promotes weight-loss, detoxification and overall wellbeing by fueling the body with a wide range of clean, energetic, plant-based nutrition. Sakara’s body-and-soul healing program is available for 1, 5, or 20-Days at

We caught up with the Sakara Life beauties to get the skinny on this soulful venture that’s taking the Tri-state area by storm.


What was the inspiration behind Sakara Life? What does the name mean?

Sakara is a Sanskrit word meaning with form, or, the manifestation of thoughts to things. For us, it represented the importance our thoughts play in every aspect of life, from food to love to career. We are a food company but we are also here to remind our clients that their thoughts play as much of a role in their overall diet and lifestyle as does their food.

Deconstructed Beet Burger over greens
Colorful Bowl- deconstructed beet burger over greens

You went from the world of fashion to food how was the transition?

When you know what you want, transitions just feel like big, giant leaps of faith. We were certain we were doing the right thing. It felt risky, but in an exhilarating way. Still does!

What are your 3 most popular dishes?

Whole Beet Rawvioli with toasted Sesame Broccolini

Sprouted Quinoa Collard Wraps with Roasted Sesame Winter Slaw

The Sakara Burger with Chili Cashew Creme and Coconut Bacon

Red Beet Burger w/ Rainbow Carrots and Foraged Za’atar
Red Beet Burger w/ Rainbow Carrots & Foraged Za’atar

What’s next for Sakara Life? 

Our goal from the beginning was to get healthy, organic food to as many people as possible, so that’s what we’re doing. When we first started the company, advisors told us to decide on our big mission so we could always come back to it and stay on track… it seemed silly at the time because we were just trying to stay afloat. Now, we totally understand the importance of the big goal… life as an entrepreneur gets crazy and the company can get pulled into a million different directions and it’s up to us to make sure we stay true to our mission. Just the thought of spreading the Sakara love to as many people as possible is the most exciting thing in the world to us!

In the kitchen
In the kitchen

Glow Tips for Luminous Living:

1. Youth & Beauty salad is one of our favorites. It’s filled with hydrating foods like romaine, cucumbers and it’s super colorful with carrots, beets, pomegranate and coconut.

2. We are big fans of learning how to eat your water, not just drink it. Focus on hydrating foods like the ones mentioned in above… The intricate web of water, vitamins and minerals in these types of foods acts as a super hydrator for you body!

3. The biggest change you can make to your diet is love. Even the best diets and workout regimes can only do so much if you’re not loving yourself in the process.  

If you’re looking to get green from the inside out take this month of March to explore cleansing programs. We recommend Sakara Life because their program is all about whole food nutrition. You can order meals on their site! To purchase, choose from their various programs here.

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