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Gabrielle Union’s Glow Tips

| February 4, 2014
Being Mary Jane star- Gabrielle Union
Being Mary Jane star- Gabrielle Union
Being Mary Jane star shares her tips for luminous living and they have nothing to do with her flawless skin. Gabrielle is all about self care. “I guess these are the things that have helped me most in obtaining my goals, having a successful career, and having a good relationship, or trying something new.”
1. The Art of NO- practice it often. Don’t be afraid of using the word!
2. Creating healthy boundaries- know where your line in the sand is.
3. Managing expectations- not lowering.
What do you think of Gabrielle’s glow tips? The art of NO is brilliant! Do you practice any of these and how? Share below and one random winner will be chosen to win a t-shirt from Gabrielle’s new show Being Mary Jane on BET.

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