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Featured Icon- Veronica Webb

| December 5, 2013


Veronica Webb


Supermodel, Entrepreneur- Royalton by Veronica Webb

I grew up in Detroit cooking and making clothes at my mother’s knee. A Parson’s scholarship student, I went on to become an international supermodel and tv personality. Now a mother to four children ages 13, 11, 10 and 8, I’ve returned to what I love best – making and creating clothes with my new line Royalton by Veronica Webb.


Veronica’s Glow Tips for Luminous Living!
  1. Steam your vegetables. Eat olive oil every day.
  2. Try to laugh when being a mother frustrates you, sometimes it can lead to tears of joy.
  3. Make it a daily habit to break a sweat either physically or mentally doing something you love.

Website: www.OpenSky.com/VeronicaWebb

Twitter handle: @VeronicaWebb


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