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Elvie: The Smart Way to Train Your Pelvic Floor

Mama Glow | August 10, 2018

I never remember to do my pelvic floor exercises. It’s something that I could multitask, and yet, I have yet to place it on my schedule as a priority. I know that pelvic organ prolapse is real and so many women have pelvic atrophy, but since I can’t measure my pelvic strength in the way I can measure my biceps, I guess the connection is just not as clear for me. I recently learned about Elvie , an elegant small Kegel exercise tracker and trainer with built in technology. Elvie is designed to encourage and help women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. It’s the first product from a women-led award-winning technology company bringing science, innovation and stunning design to the billion dollar health and wellness category.

The Elvie Trainer and App

The device was designed by leading women’s health expert, Tania Boler, with the help of doctors, engineers from Dyson, the co-founder of Jawbone, experts at Imperial and Oxford and the input of over 150 women to create the perfect Kegel device that delivers performance, comfort, discretion and beautiful design. So what makes Elvie so special, I mean why would I make the effort to use this product?

Elvie connects to an app via bluetooth technology.  There is a system of force and motion sensors that allows Elvie to guide women through various fun five minute, video game-like Kegel workouts using groundbreaking real-time biofeedback. Ok, gaming for your vagina?! I’m in! As the pelvic floor muscles gain increased strength, the user advances to higher levels and more challenging exercises.

The pelvic floor is a powerful network of muscles shaped like a hammock, it rests between the tailbone and pubic bone and supports the reproductive organs. A weak pelvic floor is the leading cause of  more than half of all women’s bladder, sex or prolapse issues. With about 40% of women experiencing some form of sexual dysfunction, 1 in 3 women experiencing problems due to weak pelvic floor muscles, and half of all pregnant women experiencing incontinence or leakage, simple Kegel exercises lead to pelvic floor muscle tone and strength. A strong pelvic floor affords women more control over their bladder, bowels, builds better core stability, improves their sex life and emotional well-being.

Elegant and discrete design and packaging.

Like any other muscle, with a bit of regular exercise, and effort, you’ll feel the benefits. But unlike bicep curls and squats, learning how to do Kegel exercises isn’t always as simple as it seems, particularly since it’s hard to isolate a group of muscles that can’t be readily seen.

Elvie is currently the only product on the market that can identify incorrect movements and encourage women to improve their form. Elvie also gives women biofeedback as they exercise, an effective approach to track how they’re progressing with their exercises.

We see Elvie as a great tool for midwives, doctors and doulas to share with their clients pregnant and recently postpartum clients who are in need of pelvic floor education and exercises. If you’re creeped out by placing a blue tooth device inside your body- this product is not for you. If you’re someone who feels encouraged by the gaming aspect of this technological device and is ready to compete with yourself to improve your relationship with your intimate parts, then bring it on!

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