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Cindy Lüken’s Green Goddess Intense Moisture Mask

| November 2, 2015
Post by: Cindy Lüken of LükBeautifood
Post by: Cindy Lüken of LükBeautifood

Pioneering clean, toxin-free, food active makeup food scientist, product designer and accomplished entrepreneur and mother, Cindy Lüken is dedicated to championing natural beauty. Her products are made with a potent mix of active foods that feed the skin with nutrients, hydration and protective antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties while actively contributing to heath and wellbeing. Cindy shares her top kitchen beauty concoctions with Mama Glow for glowing skin and shining hair. Check out this facial mask that will amplify your glow. ~

Start your journey to a lit-from-within glow and healthy hair by pampering yourself with this simple, homemade beauty recipe and create an ‘at home spa’. Each recipe I’m sharing with Mama Glow has been carefully created to nourish your body using skin-loving ingredients straight from your kitchen and garden.

Beauty Benefits: The lactic acid from yogurt found in this luxurious formula dissolves dead skin cells and tightens pores. Lipids in avocado replenish the natural moisture barrier to keep skin soft and hydrated while honey is a wonderful humectant which works to attract and retain moisture.


  • Combine 1 tablespoon of organic (coconut) yogurt with a large tablespoon of mashed avocado
  • Stir in a teaspoon of organic runny honey
  • Apply to face and leave for 10-20 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Time to glow!

Glow Tip: For extra skin-loving benefits, add a squeeze of fresh lime juice.



Cindy Lüken of Luk Beautifood  is an accomplished entrepreneur, food scientist, beautifood chef, former biscuit baker and mother of two little ones. She believes that beautiful clean food is the secret to happiness and attributes her accomplishments in business to eating well and ensuring she balances ‘work life’. She continues to follow her mantra “live the life you love” by creating the boutique beauty business Luk Beautifood: an inspiring online destination selling 100% natural sheer color lipsticks made from skin food. Her Beauty Kitchen provides a motivating recipe to nourish your beauty by making the connection between FOOD, BEAUTY & LIFE to inspire and help women delicious… inside and out.

Want more body-delicious kitchen beauty recipes? Click here to download the Luk Beautifood DIY Beauty ebook.

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