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6 Products That Put Breastfeeding & Pumping Mamas First

Daphne Thompson | August 12, 2020

It’s National Breastfeeding  Month and in an effort to promote a healthy nursing practice, breastfeeding parents need and deserve love, support, and comfort as they navigate breastfeeding and pumping to support their little one. Whether you’re a new mom or birthing person or have someone in your life who’s recently given birth and is breastfeeding, these days there are a number of amazing products on the market designed to make sure that you feel nurtured each step of the way as you nourish your newborn baby.

Here are 6 breastfeeding brands that prioritize mama through the breastfeeding process:

1. Majka Lactation Nutrition

Majka‘s product line supports healthy, sustainable lactation by nourishing mama with yummy bites and delicious powders. Their no-bake cookie bites are a nutritious treat for breastfeeding moms to gain energy and curb sugar trainings, feeding herself in between feeding her baby.

2. Elvie Wearable Breast Pump

There are a number of excellent breast pumps on the market these days, but Elvie‘s wearable electric breast pump stands out. Its technology offers a silent, chord-free design option for moms to wear on-the-go, or even while they work, tucked away in their favorite bra. Elvie has even paired their product with a smartphone app that monitors milk volume and tracks pumping history in real time.

3. Evenflo Breastfed Baby Bottles

Evenflo Feeding offers a full range of products for breastfeeding moms, from electric pumps to breastmilk storage to nursing pads to bottles and nipples. We love everything they’re doing for nursing and pumping moms, and especially love that their baby bottles come with BPA-free nipples “designed to support healthy bottle feeding without interfering with your breastfeeding journey.” Their wide-neck nipples support a wide latch and work to prevent colic, gas, and fussiness. Their nipples are also crafted to encourage a lower flow-rate of milk in support of slower, gulp-free feedings.

For mamas storing their breast milk between feedings, Evenflo Feeding’s breast milk storage bags are leak and resistant, self-standing, pourable, and freezer safe.

4. HATCH Nursing-Ready Fashion

HATCH, known for their fashion-forward clothing options for mamas in all stages of their pregnancies, also offers super cute and practical options for postpartum nursing and pumping mothers. Some of our favorite pieces include their “The Back in the Game Nursing Jumpsuit,” “The Rib Nursing Henley,” and “The Early Days Nursing Sweatshirt.”

HATCH’s website also offers beauty and fashion products to help mothers transition through the 4th semester, into the “back to work” and “out and about” stages of motherhood, and more.

5. LIVELY Nursing Bras

We love the flirty, sexy bra designs that LIVELY offers its consumers, and love that they made sure to craft a maternity line that makes moms feel empowered, strong, comfortable, and sensual – all at once. LIVELY gives mamas a necessary reminder that entering motherhood does not mean you have to depart from your individual sense of style. Their no-wire maternity bra is both functional and supportive, with discreet paneling that makes on-the-go breastfeeding easy.

6. Legendairy Breastfeeding Supplements

Legendairy Milk‘s natural supplements encourage healthy and efficient breastfeeding. Their product line focuses on a number of the different needs that breastfeeding moms seek, including enhanced milk nutrition, improved milk flow, and optimized milk production, with organic ingredients that have been formulated by a mom and certified breastfeeding specialist.

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