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Beating The Bloat! Tips for ditching your bloat during PMS.

| March 9, 2014
How to decrease bloating during PMS.
How to decrease bloating during PMS.

Bloating during the menstrual cycle is brought on by hormonal changes and occurs in about 85% of women. Progesterone is sweeping through your body during PMS and it is largely responsible for the bloating. It can be managed by taking calcium magnesium at night, Vitamin B6 is a helpful diuretic but use with caution as it can deplete the potassium stores within the body. Dandelion tea (made from fresh or dried Dandelion is a wonderful solution for beating the bloat and it doesn’t set off any imbalance in the body. You can brew the tea and carry with you on the go. 

Foods to Avoid: Soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, and caffeine as it causes dehydration and an elevation in blood pressure which will yield more water retention.

Magnesium rich foods are going to be super helpful- beans, dark chocolate, nuts

Drinking adequate water will reduce the bloating considerably.

Minimizing your intake of salt and sodium in foods is key to reduce water retention.


Best foods to enjoy while on your period: 

Be sure to get enough calcium. Women need at least 1,200mg of calcium every day. Some good sources of calcium include kale, collard greens, and broccoli.

Eat more complex carbohydrates. If you are hungry, try eating whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Keep well hydrated. Women lose up to 80 milliters of blood during a regular period, so you need to keep drinking water to replace your body’s loss of fluid.

Increase magnesium in your diet. Foods rich in magnesium, like beans, tofu and nuts, and a piece of dark chocolate, are thought to reduce bloating in menstruating women. Women should strive for 200mg per day.

Reach for the vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps to eliminate some PMS symptoms as well as aiding the circulatory system. Ladies we need 8mg a day. Food with lots of vitamin E include: avocado, hemp seeds.

Eat foods rich in vitamin B6, which aids in the metabolism of proteins and red blood cells, relives bloating, and has been cited in numerous studies to relieve depression. Some vitamin B6 rich foods are sweet potatoes, bananas and oatmeal. You should aim to get 100mg a day.

Make sure to get vitamin C and zinc, as these support the health of a woman’s eggs and reproductive system. Fresh fruits- grapefruit, lemons. Zinc from pumpkin seeds, squashes.

When you are on your cycle its a time to relax and enjoy resting. Do your very best to rest and slow down- and relish in your glow time!

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