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5 Myths About Pregnancy Sex!

| March 31, 2014
Post by: Dr. Emily Morse of Emily & Tony
Post by: Dr. Emily Morse of Emily & Tony & the popular podcast- Sex with Emily

There are many myths about pregnancy sex going around. Many people think it’s not safe and avoid it, even though it’s one of the perks about being pregnant. It’s the last 10-months before a baby takes over your life, and you don’t even have to use a condom if your partner is STD-free.

Moreover, studies have shown that pregnant women can have even stronger orgasms because of increased sensitivity in nerve endings, engorgement of the genitals, and oxytocin– “the cuddle hormone.”

Then why it is that some pregnant women don’t feel cuddly at all? In fact, some women are grossed out by even the idea of having sex. To navigate this new and confusing world of pregnancy, here are 5 myths about pregnancy sex.

1. Myth: Sex Will Hurt The Baby

Fact: His penis is not going to poke the baby, no matter how endowed your partner is.

The baby is safe and secure in the amniotic sac. Feel free to get as acrobatic as you wish during sex, although you might find advanced sexual positions challenging in the third trimester.

2. Myth: Sex Will Hurt You

Fact: Sure, you probably don’t want to engage in any position where you’re flipped on your belly, but sex can be even more enjoyable while pregnant. You will experience increased blood flow to the pelvic area, which increases your pleasure during pregnancy.

Even though you might have to make some adjustments to feel comfortable during sex, the rewards of sex will be that much greater. Try getting on top, spooning, and rear entry on your hands and knees. You can also try laying on the edge of the bed with your partner standing or kneeling beside the bed.

3. Myth: Women have a higher sex drive when they’re pregnant

Fact: During the second trimester, your body pumps out hormones like crazy, including testosterone. These hormones can boost a woman’s sex drive, turning her into a total sex fiend temporarily. However, there are a lot of women with absolutely no sex drive during pregnancy.

Sex drive during pregnancy works in extremes: Some women have extremely high sex drives while other women feel asexual. Both reactions to pregnancy are completely normal. The media tends to play up the story about women having extremely high sex drives, however that is certainly not always the case.

If you’re not feeling sexual during pregnancy, light an Emily & Tony Aromatherapy massage candle and have him give you a massage (it’s the least he can do, you’re carrying his child!).

The candle’s Beeswax intensely moisturizes the skin and helps heal damaged skin (goodbye stretch marks!). Coconut Oil in the candle helps to preserve the skin’s natural moisture, and your partner’s loving touch will help you two to reconnect during the sometimes uncomfortable experience of being pregnant. Getting a massage from him might even get you in the mood for sex.

4. Myth: Pregnancy Sex will induce Premature Labor

Fact: You can technically get it on until your due date, (After all, you need something to distract yourself on those last days leading up to birth).

You can have contractions without going into labor. Feel free to have as many orgasms as you want unless you have placenta previa or are risk of preterm labor.

5. Myth: You’re unattractive during pregnancy and your partner doesn’t want to have sex with you

Fact: Even though you might think you’re bloated, and look less attractive during pregnancy, many men couldn’t agree less.

Besides the pregnancy glow and the gigantic breasts you get when you’re pregnant, pregnancy is also attractive because it’s the ultimate sign of fertility. Men are naturally more attracted to women when they are the most fertile.

Also, because a lot of women have increased libido and experience more pleasure, many men are turned-on by their partner’s increased interest in sex.

Lastly, pregnancy can be extremely attractive because you’re carrying a new life inside of you and that’s an extremely exciting and powerful thing.


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