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3 Tips for Making Space for What you Desire!

| January 1, 2016

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It’s 2016. We are calling it Sweet ’16! What do you want to cultivate? Take your mind to a place outside of your comfort zone and dream BIG, expand your consciousness around what you want to create. There is a sacred timing that the universe is working on that has nothing to do with our schedule, our, plans, our agendas. Instead of trying to force things to move in a certain direction and expedite a process that may take time to develop- just allow yourself to surrender to the process and dip and into the expansive space that awaits by consciously cultivating space for what you want.

Some things just take time, and all things that are worthwhile are cultivated in due time. Wherever  you place your intention, fruit is born. Whether you are waiting to meet your life’s partner, waiting to make partner at your firm, or looking for the perfect partner to launch your new business- do your part and leave the rest to the universe to take care of for you.

3 Glow Tips for Making Space for What you Want!

Listen  to the whispers from within

Acknowledging that inner voice is critical to sharpening your intuition and trusting your internal GPS. Your body will give you signals that align with what your spirit knows to be quite simply YES or NO- good or bad in any given situation. Our GPS works with our body to generate feelings that are not to be ignored but utilized when making decisions. These whispers that may in some cases become loud voices guiding us to what’s next. Trusting your inner wisdom is essential for attracting what you want. It’s a gift to use to your advantage.

Weed your Garden

Clearing out the weeds is an important step in preparing ourselves for the next phase of our personal development and creating protective space for what we are dreaming about. We all have spiritual growth spurts that need to be addressed and altering relationships and behaviors in your life will help you to see how critical personal growth work really is. Fear is a resistance to the ebb and flow of life and our lives need to be fluid. Clear out anything that isn’t serving you for the highest good.

Don’t just think it, Ink it!

Writing down our goals and desires has a peculiar way of activating them in the world. It also gives the universe a clear indication that you are ready to take your thoughts, dreams and desires to the next level and spin them into action.  Start a Daily gratitude & Desire journal practice- When you wake up each morning write down two columns: 1. What you are grateful for and be really specific here, and 2. what you desire- details are a must. When we call upon the universe to help send something into our orbit, we must be crystal clear on what we are asking for and be ready to receive.

What are you ready to receive? Share below.

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