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10 Black-Owned Wellness Brands to Discover Beyond Black History Month

Alicia Lue | February 26, 2022

As mamas, birthing people, and women who are perpetually filling up other cups, it is not often that we allow ourselves the grace and space to replenish our own. But as Black History Month winds down, it has never been more important to be intentional about the space we make to reclaim rest. Especially for bodies in bloom, or in the process of healing and recovery. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite Black-owned wellness brands that we think would make a great addition to your self-care routine, no matter where you are in your maternal wellness journey. 


Postpartum wellness is often an afterthought in the maternal care spectrum, especially for Black birthing people. But Ebi is centering postpartum wellness with their range of plant-based oils, herbal baths, and tisanes. Their hand-crafted wellness products are made from organic ingredients sourced from small family farms in the Northeast. Deriving its name from the Yoruba word for ‘family’, Ebi’s philosophy is rooted in the nurturing of the mother as a first step to the creation of a healthy family. Their Everyday Kit contains organic herbal oil, herbal sitz bath to encourage healing of perineal tissues, and an herbal tisane blend to encourage milk production and support the nervous system – all the essentials for a post-delivery pamper session.


Brown Girl Jane

This luxury, plant-based wellness collection centers the needs of dynamic women of color. BROWN GIRL jane is the proud creator of The Brown Girl Swap Pledge – calling consumers to consciously commit to swapping five beauty and wellness products for a brand that is Black Women-owned. Try their  Velvet Moon Perfumed Candle, a Popsugar’s Best In Beauty winner which smells like Italian Bergamot and Orange Blossom. For a less olfactory experience, they have an array of CBD wellness tinctures and body products to promote rest and relaxation. 


Fourth Phase

Honing in on the importance of gentle care in the fourth trimester, this postpartum care brand has a selection of curated boxes “with mother’s physical and emotional recovery in mind”. Boxes can be delivery-specific – vaginal or surgically-assisted. Their Vaginal Birth Box contains 13 essential aftercare items such as a belly wrap, nipple ointment, and postpartum underwear.

All box items are hand-made, organic, and sustainably sourced. With the purchase of each box, a similar box of postpartum care products is donated to a new mama experiencing homelessness in the US and a mama in sub-Saharan Africa. 



Deriving its name from the word that means “the physical, emotional, hormonal and social transition to becoming a mother”, this brand is rooted in maternal self-care. Founder and prenatal wellness specialist wanted to create a space for mothers to see self-care not as an indulgence, but rather, a necessity. All products are safe for use during pregnancy and formulated to target pregnancy and postpartum-specific issues such as stretch marks and hyperpigmentation. Their Stretch Mark Relief Restorative Butter was named Best Body Butter for Stretch Marks by Cosmopolitan and is pregnancy safe, breastfeeding friendly, and 100% vegan.


London Grant Co.

This natural body-care line handcrafted in Atlanta was dreamt up by Tiffany Staten during pregnancy to soothe her expanding skin. Her line now carries skin-nourishing oils and rich soufflés for other mamas-to-be. Minimalism is at the forefront of this brand, from the eco-conscious packaging to the handcrafting of small batches and the use of only the cleanest of naturally-sourced ingredients. Reinvigorate dull and tired skin with their Honey Coco Body Polish which contains skin-soothing faves like almond oil, castor oil, and raw coconut oil. 


beneath your mask

After a Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) diagnosis, founder, Dana Jackson created this luxurious non-toxic beauty brand from a desire to heal, and as “an expression of self-acceptance”. The brand’s range of products is formulated with ingredients specially selected for their healing and restorative qualities. Expectant and new moms can partake in that restoration of mind and body with their Heal Whipped Skin Souffle, a 2019 Allure Beauty Award winner. 


Honey Pot

Social impact is at the forefront of this brand that has been donating 2% of its online sales to charitable organizations since its inception. Centering people with vaginas, Honey Pot’s line of plant-based feminine-care products has something for every stage of the maternal journey. Their strawberry-flavored lube can help get the party started, or new mamas can show some extra TLC to their honey pots with their mommy-to-be products which include ph balancing wipes and postpartum pads infused with aloe and mint. 


Alexandra Winbush

Alexandra Winbush, the creator behind this luxury wellness brand wants to create space for her customers to immerse themselves in a transformative and restorative experience. That’s why her delectable candles come in sets accompanied by a complimenting tea blend and a curated playlist. The September Sixth Set includes a 19oz Moroccan amber candle and loose-leaf spiced apple chai blend. 


The Cristalline

Wellness and energy are inextricably linked. This is why this lifestyle brand founded by Interior Designer, Rashia Bell, focuses on the importance of physical space and energy as the starting point for feeling good. Drawing from the ancient tradition of energy-healing, The Cristalline aims to bring mind and body into balance. Their Clear Home Energy set includes sage, clear quartz, and selenite to protect energy and space, setting the stage for rest and renewal.


Dehiya Beauty

“Dehiya Beauty is a multi-tasking botanical skincare line inspired by Moroccan time-honored beauty rituals for modern (wo)men.” The line, founded by Dr. Reddy and Jaclyn Havard, includes skincare and color cosmetics. A return to simple, time-honored beauty they are champions of inclusive beauty; passionate about creating highly-effective, plant-based skin care. They use ethically sourced, highly-active, native and wild botanical ingredients from all over the world. Their Body Mihakka is a  handcrafted of terra-cotta and cotton-covered and ideal for gently exfoliating the body.

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