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A Doula Mother’s Routine & Tips for Mental Health Maintenance

Alicia Collins | October 13, 2021

My name is Alycia. I was born and raised in Inglewood, California, and am now raising my two daughters and son in my hometown. Like many other parents nowadays, we have decided to homeschool our children as of this year. Homeschooling a 4th grader, first grader, and kindergartener has been a process, but I am so fortunate to have the support from our village. Alongside being a mother and a practicing doula, I also work full time as a Chiropractic assistant and yoga teacher. Balancing all of my responsibilities and roles, my mental health journey is an everyday practice! Every day holds its own challenges.

Protecting my energy is first and foremost. To better adapt to the stresses of my everyday life, I make sure to get a good night’s sleep. As I share with my clients, rest and sleep alone are great healing and recovery mechanisms. Before I fall into a deep sleep, I meditate on the day that has now passed and listen to my breath. I then pray and ask the ancestors for guidance and protection for the next day. It’s definitely important for me to lie in bed for at least ten to fifteen minutes before climbing out when I wake in the morning. This allows me to just feel my breath, listen, and gather my thoughts for the day that is just moments ahead of me. With three home-schooled children, this is especially crucial when it comes to keeping organized and maintaining a level-head no matter what I’m met with that day.

Once I get out of bed, it is usually followed by a cup of water and then coffee. While I love my coffee ritual and caffeine in the morning, staying hydrated with water is so, so important. Then it’s time for my favorite part of the morning ritual – the biggest three hugs of the day from my little ones. My children give me the most love and positivity and motivation. When I hug them, I also acknowledge their breath until, finally, I am geared up for my day. On my more sensitive days, I will carry my tiger’s eye stone or bracelet. It’s one of my favorite stones that holds very important and much-needed properties to keep me guarded and grounded.

I try to stay away from the news and toxic social media as much as possible. The information seems to disturb my peace more often than not. This also means being mindful of my own thoughts, speech, and surroundings. Staying close with my family and friends and having a strong support system are also important for my mental health. It’s crucial to have someone to open up to, someone to trust, and someone to gain strength from. Creating healthy outlets like writing and painting, and not shying away from having a good laugh or even a good cry when I need it gives my life balance.

My self-care routine includes a yoga class at least once every other day, a massage and facial once a month, and a Chiropractic adjustment once a week. I have learned to create a self-care routine that is enjoyable as well as beneficial. It’s important for me to stay on track with these routines and to continuously pour into myself so that I can pour into my clients. Growing up, these things were taught to me as a luxury. However, as a mother and practicing doula, I have learned that these routines are necessary in order for me to share the best part of myself with a woman who is on the most important journey of her life. I share my energy with women who are growing life inside of their wombs. My clients give me just as much energy, love, and support as I give them. I love this mutual exchange. I always greet clients with a big hug and then we take a collective inhale and exhale. This allows us to gain strength from one another for many different reasons.

Though my life can be stressful at times, it’s imperative that I keep my mental, physical and spiritual 100% intact. My well-being is important in order to give love, guidance, and energy to the next mother. This journey has definitely introduced me to one of the best parts of myself, which I was seeking.

“What you are seeking, is seeking you.” – Rumi

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