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I Woke Up Like This: Glowing Skin in 3 Steps

| November 17, 2014


Radiant skin is a sign to from your body to the world that you are healthy, blood is flowing, and you are living a life of joy. A glowing complexion doesn’t need to be flawless. Pregnancy and new motherhood bring to surface new challenges with your skin due to the hormonal shift and lifestyle changes. Your skin should look well cared for and the glow should come from within. Diet, adequate rest, hydration, exercise, and a healthy disposition help to keep your skin beaming from the inside out. Moisturized skin reflects light. Nourish it and the glow will come.

Focus on Your Face with these 3 Glow Tips. 

Exfoliate– A luxurious cream can’t do anything if slathered onto dry flaky skin. Dead cells have an uneven surface that dulls the complexion. Bid adieu to that lifeless layer of skin with a scrub. Massage it into the skin using small circles, apply more pressure in the oily T-Zone.

Nourish- Spread a dime sized dollop of cream over your face and the same amount over your neck and décolleté. Skin has five layers, so rub the product in for two minutes to help it penetrate. This also helps to increase circulation.

Enhance- Sometimes you just need a booster shot of bronzing powder. Wait at least five minutes after applying moisturizer, then brush a loose bronzer where the sun would naturally hit: the cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose, chin, and finish with a dusting of the clavicle.

Stroke that inner light of yours by taking care of yourself. Try these glow tips for your beauty routine and share your favorites below.

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