The AstroTwins Weekly MOMstrology Scope: May 26th-June 1st


Our Astrology Mavens! The Astrotwins Ophira & Tali Edut.

Our Astrology Mavens! The Astrotwins Ophira & Tali Edut.

The Astrotwins Weekly Momscopes now at home on Mama Glow! We are thrilled to announce that we will have your astrology scopes by none other than our friends the Astrotwins. The Astrotwins bring the wisdom of the stars down to earth with their pratical, witty, and unique approach to astrology. Tali and Ophira are the authors of the new Glow-worthy Book- Momstrology: The Astrotwins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One By The Stars. What’s in store for you this week? See below. 

The Astrotwins Momstrology Scope:

May 26th-June 1st


Express yourself! On Wednesday, the Gemini New Moon falls in your third house of communication and ideas. You could have an a-ha moment, an inspiring conversation or a little brainstorm that turns into something much bigger over the next six months. Is there something you need to say? (Let’s face it, Aries, there almost always is for you.) Whether that means sitting down with a good friend and getting back in sync, or asking your doctor about your different birth plan options, this new Moon helps you find the words. As a fiercely independent sign, you’re used to doing it all yourself, but as a mom (or mom-to-be), you’re learning that it truly does take a village. This new Moon could bring in the synergistic souls that make this tough but rewarding job easier. Also on Wednesday, beautifying Venus enters your second house of luxury and money. Don’t underestimate the power of pretty things, Aries. If you’ve got your eye on that Danish modern dresser for the baby’s room—and it looks like a piece that will last for years—don’t cheat yourself by ordering an Ikea knockoff. New mom? This luxe transit is the perfect time for treating yourself to a high-end “push present.” If you feel nervous about splurging, maybe it’s time to talk budget and bottom lines with your boo. Money convos don’t have to be tense! With lovey-dovey Venus in your finance zone, head out to your favorite restaurant and discuss dollars and sense in a pleasant environment.


Inventory time, Taurus. If you’ve been spending liberally on new clothes for the kids or purchasing the remaining items on your baby registry, Wednesday’s New Moon in your second house of money, finance, and luxury, gives you a prime opportunity to pause and take stock of things. Maybe you’ve overspent and it’s time to check-in. Or if you’ve been winging it up to this point, this is the time to make a budget (here are some good ideas for getting started). If your maternity leave is up and you’d like to contribute to the family’s coffers (or future college bills), you may want to consider restarting work. Or if you left your job, put some feelers out for a new gig—been awhile since you fired up LinkedIn? At the very least it’s worth reaching out to some of your connections and exploring any options that come your way. We know plenty of moms who didn’t go back full-time and instead picked up contract work for just a little income and, um, adult conversation. You’ll find yourself wanting to get other things in order this week, too, and possibly simplifying others—is it time to ditch the land line and have just one phone bill? Were you going to call a landscaper? What about a carpool invitation—why not give it a trial run? This Gemini New Moon also gives you a good excuse to not have another excuse about not starting a new routine or a healthy habit. Get back to yoga or try prenatal yoga, or swap your soda habit for water. Here’s one blogger’s soda challenge, for inspiration. Venus, planet of love and beauty moves into Taurus also on Wednesday, where it chills until June 23. This is the ideal time for trying out a new haircut (it’ll grow back!), or treating yourself to a bit of a mommy makeover (start with tossing the maternity pants). You may also find yourself yearning to bring back romance and magic into your life. If you’re thinking, “huh, what’s that?” start by just doing something that FEELS good for ten minutes. You can do it, Taurus! Don’t get caught up in the dutiful side of motherhood or the discomfort of pregnancy. Pamper yourself and everyone wins (happy mama=no more drama).


Ready, set, reboot! On Wednesday, the annual Gemini New Moon marks your personal new year. Throw the confetti! Or maybe don’t risk the extra vacuuming that would entail, but make this a day to think about yourself—not the baby registry, the kids, your family, your partner—just you. The seeds you plant today will blossom in the next six months. Take a little time out to set some intentions, or even just one. Ready to make a fresh start? Don’t try to revamp your whole life at once. According to the book Small Move, Big Change, making “micro-resolutions” can actually prevent the inevitable failure of trying to change an ingrained habit or pattern—which can be especially tough as a mom juggling so much. So, for example, rather than swearing you’ll do prenatal yoga three times a week, a micro-resolution could be that you walk around the block once a day—something attainable that will actually snowball into a bigger shift organically. With beautifying Venus heading into your twelfth house of rest on Wednesday, it’s all the more important that you nurture and pamper yourself. Moms need love, too—and plenty of it! If you’re feeling depleted by giving, or even by hosting the babe-to-be in your belly, it’s time to escape to the spa or let yourself laze on the couch whenever possible. Find that support and take advantage of it.


What do you need to let go of in order for a new chapter to begin? Becoming a mom changes your life and outlook, and if you’ve been in denial about that, Wednesday’s Gemini New Moon in your twelfth house of support and self-care is your wakeup call. Time to seek out that proverbial village to help lighten your load—find a MeetUp group, maybe of pregnant women with similar due dates. Even if you have friends with children already, the experience of going through the early stages of your newborn’s life with a few mamas in the trenches is priceless. If you have children, this is an ideal time to interview babysitters. We know how hard it can be to find one, let alone the right one. Remember, Cancer, no one can ever replace you, and that’s not the point. Look for a caregiver who has an effortless nurturing instinct and you’ll be much more at ease leaving little ones in that person’s charge. If you’re holding on to something bigger, you might need a little couch time. Call your therapist if you’ve taken a break—or find a new one, maybe one who has (or works with) children and “gets it.” Psychology Today’s Therapist Finder tool is a good place to begin your search—there are bios and you can cross-ref with your insurance. Finding a therapist can be as stressful as finding a sitter, but you’re in a good place this week to tackle these important tasks. Also on Wednesday, affable Venus moves into your eleventh house of friends and groups until June 23—making you feel super social. If anything, you’ll probably find yourself contemplating the importance of friendships to make motherhood easier, and allow yourself to be reminded of just who you were pre-diaper bag. Remember? You had an identity then, too. Push yourself out of the Crab shell, go mingle, host a party. Your birthday season is around the corner, so at least start planning!


Cast a wider net, Leo. The Gemini New Moon on Wednesday in your eleventh house of friends and groups gives you room to add to your mommy BFF roster. All the single friends you have are great, but it’s a real comfort having friends who don’t mind if you meet for coffee with your hair unwashed or, let’s face it—if you meet for coffee instead of drinks! Yeah, you need to expand this tribe. If you’re expecting, find a circle of other moms-to-be. There’s no greater bond than swapping third trimester “you too?!” stories—women to laugh and to cry with who really understand you. If you’re a mom and your crew is branching off in other directions, maybe to different schools within your district, or there’s less opportunity to get together because of work demands, it’s time to look within the new circles you’re traveling for mama comrades. The eleventh house also rules technology, so under this Gemini Moon finding apps to help make life easier is something you can do while you’re not really watching The Bachelorette on your DVR. If you’re expecting, maybe you’ve been thinking about jumping on the baby blog bandwagon, and you can get that set up. Or, scroll through some message boards, like the informative ones on Cafe Mom. Also on Wednesday, love planet Venus parks in Taurus, your tenth house of career and long-term plans, until June 23. If you’ve been extending the life of your maternity stretch pants as work wardrobe, it might be time to pass them on and go shopping for clothes that fit your changing figure—ones that still look professional and put together. Adding a little polish to your image, even if you’re recovering from birth, goes a long way toward feeling better about yourself. Even a few new accessories can help, like a classic feminine scarf from Anthropologie. Going on a high-end date (read: kid-unfriendly restaurant) so you can dress up a little will help remind you that you’re an adult. While you’re shopping for some new work attire, pick up a glittery top or something sexy and please, buy clothes that fit instead of “waiting” to go out in public until you’re back in pre-pregnancy form, a la Kim Kardashian.


Turn the page, Virgo. The Gemini New Moon on Wednesday highlights your tenth house of goals, ambition and men. You are so primed for a fresh start with an important guy in your life. If this is a spouse, take full advantage—maybe you’ve had something really big to talk about but haven’t had the opportunity, what with little ones running around, or tying up loose ends at work before maternity leave starts. We get it, you’re busy, and it’s just easier to hum along, but it’s so important to communicate and not let your marriage “drown in parenting”. The person in question could also be a father or a father figure. Was there a reason you created some distance with him? Is it time to close that gap? As a Virgo, you’re sometimes known for being judgmental or having a tendency to overanalyze a situation. That’s worth exploring so you don’t waste any more time on it—you need that energy for some date nights! Or for finding new people, such as mentors, advisors, maybe a doctor, a doula, a birth coach, or even a personal trainer, as the tenth house also puts a focus on experts. On Wednesday, creative Venus graces Taurus, your ninth house of travel and higher learning, until June 23. Is it time to finalize the itinerary for a babymoon or a summer staycation? If travel isn’t possible, you’ll yearn for a plunge into some good books for personal growth. There’s been a lot of buzz about Conscious Parenting by parenting expert Dr. Shefali Tsabary and the Oprah Lifeclass. If parenting topics aren’t seducing you this week, how about Gone Girl, which recently released in paperback. Between chapters, reach out to faraway friends and relatives, plan your summer activities, and reconnect with friends. Just be sure they fit the mom “friendship manifesto” making the rounds on Facebook.


Think big! The Gemini New Moon in your ninth house of expansion, travel and perspective gives you a wide-angle lens on everything starting Wednesday. You feel philosophical about this whole motherhood thing, and can approach it with a spirit of adventure rather than just duty. If you’ve gotten caught in tunnel vision, it’s time to back up to see the big picture. If you need a little help getting back to basics, check out this list of 25 ways to reconnect with your kids from a blogger we like, Dirt & Boogers. You’ll probably feel a whole lot better after doing a few of these things (who doesn’t love hugs?). The ninth house also rules education, so sign up for that lactation workshop you read about, call to reserve a spot at story hour at the library, or register for an educational seminar that will feed your brain with non-mommy knowledge. If you can’t get out so easily, maybe you can start thinking about how to invent one of the tools for parents on this list. Also on Wednesday, magnetic Venus struts into your eighth house of intimacy—it’s time to bring sexy back and this may be in the form of a pretty nightgown, some sexy lingerie if you’re feeling up for it, or a soft robe for the hospital/post-birth time. Paper gowns and stretched-out T-shirts aren’t going to make your beauty-loving sign feel like much of a goddess. A super-cuddly washable robe will keep you warm even after the baby has arrived.


Let the bonding begin. A New Moon in Gemini, your eighth house of intimacy and shared resources, puts a spotlight on romance starting Wednesday. Rekindle sexy time, especially if it’s been sputtering along lately. It takes some time, attention, and maybe a night out to reignite the passion. Invest and it will pay off. Speaking of investments, the eighth house also puts a spotlight on making one. Got that college fund set up? How about just the savings account you said you’d open with all the money the grandparents have been sending for holidays? The kids certainly don’t need more toys, right? If your children are a little older, you could use those checks written from Bank of Grammie to teach about saving and giving with a Smart Saver Bank. This might be the time you want to also invest in some new (non-IKEA) furniture for your home, probably something you’re sure the kids won’t ruin. Is it time to upgrade your bedroom set, especially while you’re in the mood to be in there? Or maybe just a fresh set of linens—Vera Wang has some surprisingly sultry options at Kohl’s at affordable prices. Furthering the “togetherness” vibe, romantic Venus slips into Taurus, your seventh house of partnerships and balance, from Wednesday until June 23. This is a good time to evaluate your closest relationships. Are they on equal or mutual footing? As a Scorpio you’re capable of giving so much love, but check if that’s being reciprocated. If not, what will you do about it?


Find the yin to your yang. Wednesday’s New Moon in Gemini, your seventh house of relationships, means you could aim for a fresh start with your partner and/or closest friends, especially if you’ve veered off course. Maybe you’ve just not had the time to hang out with your best friend. Send a text or actually call (yes, call!) to see when she’s free this week. Making plans is the hardest part, but the rest is fun, and your Sagittarian spirit can always use more of that. If you’re expecting, it can be especially hard to click with friends who are single, but don’t get all pissed off about it, Sag. Give them a break, because they probably have no idea what you’re going through. How could they? However, if you share your experience, they can at least know how to support you. Try making room in your schedule for new friends, too. It’s also a good time to find a babysitter or a birth coach—anyone who will help get your life back in balance…and give you time to get in sync with a sweetheart. If you’ve been passing ships in the sea of parenting, weigh anchor, even if it’s just some cuddle time on the couch after the kiddos are tucked in. On Wednesday, sensual Venus settles in Taurus, your sixth house of health and fitness, until June 23. Try adding some pleasure to your healthy habits or routines. How about workouts that feel nurturing—maybe a gentle yoga class with meditation, or a simple walk through your neighborhood instead of getting breathless on a treadmill. You could take the same approach with your meals, cooking with intention, actually enjoying the process. Or if you don’t, get it delivered like through a service like Hello Fresh. Pay attention to what you put into your body—whether you’re still technically feeding a “resident” or not. Seek some tools to help you out, like maybe a Vitamix or maybe a friend has a baby food maker they could hand down to you. Just take it easy—and make it easy.


It’s all in the details. A Gemini New Moon on Wednesday propels you to start some projects, as it fires up your sixth house of health, fitness and organization. Think of it as your starting gun, Capricorn, and you’re about to take off on matters important to your well-being and your surroundings. Want to add more fruits and veggies to your diet but unsure how? We know one mama who just jumped feet-first into making green smoothies and she is making at least three a day—whoa! She just stuffs a bunch of this and that into a blender but if you need more of a plan (hello, Capricorn, you are the queen of details!) Make some time for exercise, too, since this is a great time to start up a new routine. If you’re pregnant, get moving! Another Capricorn trait is to obsess a little, and if you’re worried about what you can and can’t do, this myth-busting article might help you. The sixth house also empowers you to tend to your nest. Maybe you need to declutter or get a file cabinet organized, to get going on a nursery or to transform a nursery into a home office. Start sketching and perusing the Pinterest boards for ideas! You’re in it for the marathon because on Wednesday, innovative Venus pops into your fifth house of romance, play and creativity. This could inspire you to DIY a bunch of those pins you saw while searching for nursery and home office ideas. Maybe a mural or stencil project for the kids’ rooms? Or a photo display? Even something crafty might catch your eye. Here’s one board to get you started. Don’t overlook adult play, though! You’ll feel inspired to add some glamour back into the mix, or to fire up the romance with your beloved. Maybe a date night that starts with bowling, then dinner, then dancing—just to take advantage of your playful nature this week. Have fun!


Bring back that loving feeling, Aquarius. It won’t be hard this week, with a New Moon in Gemini, your fifth house of romance, play, creativity, and self-expression. Love returns to the scene, and you’ll be inspired to get your glam back. Dress up and revive the intimacy if it’s been on ice. Start with setting the mood, maybe with wine, some flameless candles (safest if you have kids or one on the way!) and some fresh flowers in the bedroom. If you’re thinking about having another child, the fifth house also rules fertility, so this New Moon could be a great day to conceive. It’s definitely worth trying! And fun—if trying has felt like a chore in the past, it might not this time with the lusty fifth house featured. Also on Wednesday, beautifying Venus enters your domestic fourth house until June 23—a great time to embellish your surroundings. Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. Start in a bathroom to experiment with a bold color you’re unsure would work for the living room, or in the kitchen to brighten things up. Maybe it’s out with some older pieces of furniture to make room for new ones, like a pretty rocking chair that will take you from early nursing to story time (and eventually to knitting or Kindle-reading). Venus in this feminine zone also marks a good time to increase the peace with female relatives, especially your own mom. Maybe she’s made a few comments about your child rearing (or planned child rearing) that got under your skin. Remember, parenting was different back then, and you can tell her that, too. Maybe she just wants to be acknowledged or feel like she has a role in your new family’s life. Check in with her to see what’s going on. In less serious matters, this is a good time to do a little retail therapy. Pick up a few pretty pieces if you’re pregnant or splurge on some now-fashion pieces if you’re a busy mom who wants to look good (a yellow denim jacket, a statement necklace). Or, shop for complementary (but please, not matching!) clothing for a family photo shoot. You don’t want to add double meaning to “say cheese,” Aquarius.


What’s working at Chateau Pisces and what’s not? You’re due for a fresh start with Wednesday’s New Moon in Gemini, your fourth house of home and family. Maybe you’ll try a new approach to motherhood (or impending motherhood). Were you force-fitting an attachment parenting technique? We get it, Pisces: you’re a nurturer and you probably dove right in, but is it the right lifestyle for you and your children? Fortunately, Pisces are usually open to new things, so it should be relatively painless for you to acknowledge something isn’t working and dive into the next chapter. Even better, just go with the flow, or lighten up about it! There’s always the CTFD (Calm the F*ck Down) method. The bottom line is to adjust to an attitude of excitement, rather than fear (you’re not doing it wrong!) and move on. During this time you may want to lean on female friends. Having their support (or at least someone to vent with), will give you a boost this week, as the fourth house also rules women. Also on Wednesday, harmonizer Venus moves into your third house of communication and kindred spirits until June 23, so female friendships are even more important now. If you’ve been arguing with anyone in your life, especially a sibling, this is an excellent time to extend the olive branch. Got questions for your OB/GYN? Bring your list to your next appointment and be determined to leave with answers (not more questions!). Feeling out of sync with your partner? Venus helps you patch things up peacefully. Make the time for some one-on-one without the kids around, or if you’re pregnant, for not talking about the items on your registry.

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