Tortoise & the Hare Heirloom Clothing: Aesop’s Fables Come to Life


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Aesop’s Fables come to life in hand crafted garments for your tiny tots. Introducing  Tortoise & the Hare, heirloom clothing crafted by hand in a rustic farm studio in the rural Pennsylvania countryside. Maker Rosina Lapp works with a small team of artisans to sew these wearable heirlooms, using time-honored techniques passed down from generation to generation. Her vintage-inspired designs showcase fabrics of simpler times, like natural-hued linen, chambray, and corduroy, and are finished off with adorable wooden buttons.

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And in addition to the inaugural collection released earlier this year,  Tortoise & the Hare is also releasing a special holiday collection on December 1st. It’s a refreshing burst of evergreen! The garments really highlight the dash of luxury the holidays bring, while staying true to the brand’s practical sensibilities and artisan origins.

Tortoise & the Hare’s winter collection will be available December 1 through February 28, with the deadline for Christmas orders closing on December 7. Garments range from $30 to a little over $100 per heirloom piece.

Visit Tortoise & The Hare Online for your holiday gifting needs!

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