Top 5 Meditation Tips from Simple Habit Mindfulness App


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Simple Habit is a meditation and mindfulness app offering accessible, 5-minute meditations designed for busy people, ranging from urban professionals to students. Simple Habit’s unique platform and community allows users to access hundreds of guided prescriptive meditations from highly vetted teachers, addressing hundreds of specific topics – from deep sleep and stress reduction to morning sickness. What’s more, Simple Habit gives users the opportunity to personalize their mindfulness practice and discover new teachers within the Simple Habit community. As of today, you can find over two years worth of meditations on Simple Habit (via in-app purchases), with more added weekly.

Simple Habit was founded by Yunha Kim, a young, ex-investment banker, and successful entrepreneur whose first startup, Locket, which raised $3.2m from investors including Tyra Banks, and sold to Wish in 2015. Yunha was recognized by Business Insider as one of Advertising’s “30 Most Creative Under 30″.

 Yunha developed a meditation practice of her own to combat the stress of founding a startup, which led to the launch of Simple Habit in June 2016. Since its launch, Simple Habit users in 115 countries have already meditated for a combined total of over 20,000 hours. The app is currently available for free download in the AppStore with in-app purchases.

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Simple Habit Founder Yunha Kim’s Top 5 Meditation Tips 

  • Lock in a time. Meditate at the same time(s) every day. It’s the best way to build a habit. Personally, I prefer meditating first thing in the morning and at night right before going to bed.
  • Consistency is key. Try it consistently for 2-3 weeks — benefits of meditation might take some time to notice. My personal recommendation is to try meditating everyday for about two weeks, and most likely you will begin to notice a difference. At least, that was the case for me!
  • Commit to just five minutes a day, especially if you’re just getting started. If you are too aggressive with your goal and commit to longer sessions, the more likely you are to give up sooner.
  • Use guided meditations. For me, even though I’ve been meditating for a couple years now, it’s been super helpful to learn multiple techniques. Also, having a guide helps you feel accountable and build a habit of mindfulness.
  • Explore. Try it anytime and anywhere using guided meditations designed for specific situations on Simple Habit. Try meditating in bath tub. Try meditating while commuting. Try meditating before public speaking. You’ll realize how practical and helpful it can be at any point in your day.


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