The AstroTwins Weekly MOMstrology Scope: March 30th- April 5th


By: The Astrotwins Tali & Ophira Edut

By: The Astrotwins Tali & Ophira Edut

The Astrotwins Momstrology Scope:

March 30th- April 5th


Just when you thought you had a relationship figured out, you may find you had it all wrong. A surprise may be in store for you around April 4, when a total lunar eclipse in Libra occupies your seventh house of partnerships. It may be difficult but necessary to come to the realization that a relationship is falling short of your expectations—and it’s time to make a 180 to get things back on track. This could be with a romantic partner, or with anyone that you’re closely involved with, Aries. Resist wrapping yourself up in your kids’ lives simply to ignore it. Expecting women may also feel a relationship speed bump, which would feel counter to the harmony you expected to feel throughout the nine months. Single women during this eclipse may discover a long-distance or unexpected admirer shares mutual feelings. You won’t know if you don’t make a move, or at least show some receptiveness! Recently separated moms who may have put their dating lives on hold could find they’re ready to reverse that. (Check out this list of 10 tips for dating as a single mom. Be thoughtful about your actions, whatever your situation; your ego will stay intact and there will be no hard feelings if things don’t work out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Shot of wheatgrass? Healthy habits are top-of-mind thanks to a page-turning Libra total lunar eclipse on April 4, which lights up your sixth house of wellness. Use this cosmic energy to help tackle an unhealthy habit or behavior. It could be something small (like nixing night snacking), or major. And yet, because eclipses can bring out dormant or hidden issues, it may be a vice you have yet to recognize. Here are 15 attitude-adjusting ideas that may help you in your efforts. Remember, your take on things rubs off on the kids. Jump-start spring cleaning by clearing out junk from your cupboards and pantries, too. Dig into articles that go deeper than fad-diet claims. Or pick up books that tackle corruption of our food, like “Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil”. Education is a fierce tool in the journey to good health!


Pour a tall glass of courage, Gemini. On April 4, a Libra total lunar eclipse lights up your fifth house of creativity and passion. This game-changing full moon event could have you on a mission of epic proportions. No longer content to think about an idea, you’ll discover an overwhelming urge to just do it! Whatever makes your heart pump fast is where you should focus your efforts. Eclipses bring out hidden desires; what’s yours? Maybe it’s simply deciding how you carry yourself as a mom, like this woman who says: “I Had Children and Discovered I’m a Badass”. The fifth house rules fertility, so this is a good cycle to try for a pregnancy (or take necessary measures to avoid one!). It’s also a chance to spoil the kids a little, or even better, to just carve out time for good old-fashioned fun—the kind where your hands, clothes and the house get messy. Bring on the art projects, the family spring cleanup or a raucous day at the park!


Home is where the heart is, Cancer. But does your personal life make your soul sing? On April 4, a total lunar eclipse in Libra, your fourth house of home-sweet-home, forces the question. Perhaps you’re outgrowing your space or you have your mind fixed on a particular school district. Spring is a traditional time to get a new home search going (check out these tips from real estate pros for 2015). Eclipses are good for helping us to see things with new perspective, so it’s also possible you don’t need to uproot, but can work with what you’ve already got. Whether it’s splashes of fresh paint, decor upgrades or renovations, this cosmic energy can help propel you on a suitable course. Before you go DIY, though, you might want to tap some experts for guidance, and price things out. Handing over the hammer frees up for more family time, which is also a benefit of the fourth house eclipse. Think ahead to another type of home: summer house? Depending on the size of your projects, you may need it sooner!


Have you found your tribe, Leo? The friends you can count on will be obvious around a total lunar eclipse in Libra on April 4. This transit occurs in your third house of friendship and communication, and could expose frenemies along with the people who really belong on Team Leo. Graciously distance yourself from the “toxic” people in your life and focus on the ones who can go the distance with you. At the same time, be cautious not to overthink every interaction. Life isn’t an episode of a bad reality TV show, so don’t go looking for drama. If you have school-aged children, you could find yourself juggling a real-life friend fallout that’s not so simple to navigate. Realizing who are fake friends and who are real friends will make a real difference in your life. Got a blog, a novel or an essay collection in you? The lunar eclipse could help you get your message out to a wider platform. Teaching and learning are all featured. Is it time to build your skillset, or share the one you already have?


You’re going to need a bigger wallet, Virgo. Some serious moolah mojo arrives April 4 with a total lunar eclipse in Libra, your second house of income. Eclipses tend to bring sudden changes, so grip for some moneymaking chances. For moms who have been away from the work world, this could be particularly pivotal moment. Before you say “no,” explore it—perhaps the opportunity could be tailored to your life’s demands. Mothers who already work outside the home, don’t sell yourself short. If you can’t stay late at work because of daycare pickup, it doesn’t mean you’re not doing a kick-butt job while you’re there. Did you see this piece from a company president who, now as a mom, apologized to all the moms she had worked with? Are you due for a raise? Craving more responsibility or a leadership role? Ask for it. The next two weeks are prime for taking a plunge into new waters. You worked hard to get where you are; now could be the time to collect your rewards.


Who’s Number One? You are, Libra! Sure you put your kids first, but this week, the stars insist that it’s all about YOU. That’s because a total lunar eclipse occurs April 4 in Libra, your first house of self. Start by making a bold statement—a dramatic new haircut? How about rocking that leather moto jacket for school pick up? Up the stakes by taking a bigger step: take a chance on something totally new for you. The butterflies may swirl in your belly, but the euphoria you’ll feel from having accomplished that thing will be long-lasting. Strip yourself from any doubt that’s been holding you back. Eclipses can bring out a more daring side, maybe a side of yourself you never knew was there. Let’s be frank: parenthood is ALREADY about being out of our comfort zone. So this exercise should be a cakewalk—but with bigger rewards! Your gumption will get noticed by your kids, and it may even inspire THEM to try something new. At the very least, they’ll look at you more as more than the waffle-getter and driver of “mom’s taxi.” After all, mothers are people too, and there’s no time like now to teach them that!


Crash and learn? A total lunar eclipse on April 4 in Libra, your twelfth house of endings and closure, could help you pick up the pieces. Did you hit a wall? Or even rock bottom? There IS a way out, and this eclipse can help show you the path. Eclipses reveal that which is hidden. Stay alert for clues—silver linings—to help you move on from a loss, a difficult transition, or an illness, perhaps. This eclipse could also bring in a mentor figure who help guide you. This isn’t the person who tries to cheer you up, this post on positivity vs. empathy really nails it:, but the grounding force who is there for you. Be kind to yourself if you visit negative space. It’s perfectly understandable if you go there, the key is not to dwell. Get proper sleep, too, and drink lots of fluids. Enjoy some artsy pleasures with your kids to escape—pottery throwing, photography, an independent children’s film. Younger ones might love to put on a puppet show or a play with your help, and the act of transforming into another character could be cathartic. Before you know it you’ll be feeling better and so much wiser.


Open your mind, open the possibilities! No one could accuse you of being closed-minded, Sagittarius, but you do have strong feelings and opinions. This week, you’ll be considering the flipside of everything as April 4 brings a total lunar eclipse in Libra, your eleventh house of invention, groups and humanitarian issues. What you were once so sure of, you may suddenly question. Eclipses bring out nuances and hidden issues, so prepare to have your conventions challenged. It’s actually a pretty awesome chance to become a more well-rounded Archer. As the eleventh house also rules groups, you could experience a sudden change up in your friend roster, too. But if you accept the idea of reinvention and apply it to this area of your life, perhaps you’ll come out of this period with a new crew that’s more “you.” Technology is also highlighted by the eleventh house and this is an ideal time to make house rules on screen time—not just for your kids, but for you. Check out this Time piece, “Don’t Text While Parenting—It Will Make You Cranky” for an interesting perspective on something you may have already made up your mind about. Think of it as your first assignment.


Beep beep! Hear that, Capricorn? It’s the sound of you tooting your own horn. Even if you normally shy away from that, you’ve got all the reasons to brag around the April 4 total lunar eclipse in Libra, your tenth house of ambition. It can’t hurt to practice a little shameless self-promotion. This is not the time to bake your humble pies. Eclipses help bring things out from the shadows, including hidden confidence. A megaphone isn’t needed—you can be a cheerleader without being obnoxious about it. How about forwarding to your boss a “yay-me” email from a client? Or saying “thanks” when given praised for successfully executing a project? This week, keep your radar up for unexpected opportunities that can advance your personal goals agenda. Remember, you are your own best advocate. Keep yourself on track by not taking your eyes off the coveted prize. You’ll probably want to drive home this concept with your kids, too, especially the ones trying out for spring sports teams or plays. Teach them to manage the heartbreak of rejection—or the inevitable speed bumps we hit on the way to our goals. Check out this BlogHer post, “Setbacks and Roadblocks: When Things You Can’t Control Derail Goals” for a cool perspective on this. Now, where’d you put your horn?


Change the scenery, Aquarius. A desire to see new things will be strong around the April 4 total lunar eclipse in Libra, your globetrotting ninth house. A spontaneous vacation, especially with your mate, would be perfecto! Hit the discount travel sites for deals and book the childcare STAT. If funds are limited, you certainly don’t need a lot of cash to hop into the car and check out new places near to you. Check out interesting sites within an hour or two of your home. Then go! Resist over-planning an itinerary and try going with the flow—even with young ones. They’re surprisingly adaptable, as long as they get their naps! If you’re expecting, this is the perfect time for a babymoon. Of course time can be a main barrier to travel, which is why we love this post from Outdoor Living on how to “Improve Your Life with Microadventures”. The ninth house also rules higher learning. Now’s a good time to read up on birth methods or child development topics. Sate your personal interests, too (it’s not all about the kids!).


Ready, set, transform! A total lunar eclipse in Libra on April 4, in your eighth house of mystery, inspires you to make a long overdue change. And while eclipses can reveal things hidden in the shadows, chances are good your reinvention will be a surprise to everyone BUT you. You’re ready to unveil something that you’ve been considering, perhaps for awhile. The eclipse can help you make a firm decision and not be wishy-washy about it. You might even make a “personal mission statement” for where you want to go from here. The eighth house also rules intimacy, so a hot night (or two or three) may be in store. This could also be the time you’re ready to fully commit, romantically, or more practically speaking, as the eighth house encourages merging resources. The eclipse is your entry to a personal Olympics where you’re a medal contender for all events. Be open to some intense personal growth, because it’s coming—ready or not!

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