Tai’s 7 Summer Must-Haves That Will Change Your Life & Style!


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Summer Style as told by Tai Beauchamp- host of TLC’s new fashion transformation show-” Dare To Wear”

I’m all about women looking good and feeling good. That all starts with a spiritual base and psychological well-being. When you feel good on the inside you want that to all come out on the outside. As someone who has been in the fashion industry for so long we often look at beauty and fashion as simply cosmetic. Having worked at O Magazine, Seventeen, In Style, and now with a show “Dare to Wear” which launches on TLC Friday June 12th, just engaging women, we know the reality is that fashion and beauty must be used as a tool for communication of who you are to the world. It’s not about the cut of the garment, it’s not about if it’s on trend, it’s not about how it fits your body, but how you use it to communicate something. I believe that fashion is meant to inspire people. It’s meant to empower people. When they see you walking in your power and looking fabulous and fierce it communicates a message.

Something floral

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Floral prints bring out the feminine

I’m obsessed with anything floral. These floral printed trousers are everything! There’s nothing like connecting with your most feminine side. I am a believer that the most powerful women are multidimensional and embrace every aspect of who she is! Not to mention, a woman in a modern floral print is probably one of the chicest and beautiful beings to walk this earth. It’s like unleashing your inner flower child.

 The structured bag

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Keep it light with this structured bag.

I love a great bag! I fell in love with structured bags. And historically, the bigger the bag (Celine Trapeze, LV Speedy, or Givenchy or Coach tote), the better! This season, I’ve traded my oversized carryalls for daintier, more structured bags or bucket shaped purses. You don’t have to carry all of your baggage with you. I like to have my style statements reflect something that I am communicating to myself and to the world. I feel and look at least 5 lbs lighter.

 Find your Red, Share your Voice

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Own your voice with a red lip!

I love a red lip! I wear a red lip to the gym, I wear a red lip to the grocery store, and to party. Its your armor, its your reminder to smile. It’s a part of my power, I draw energy from that color. For many years, I wore only lip gloss. Highly pigmented lip color, especially a bold or bright one, made me uncomfortable so much so I would kind of peer down at my lips in wonder as I spoke. That was until about two years ago when I realized wearing a powerful and rich hue not only made my smile appear brighter but accentuated and elevated my proverbial “voice.” I’m a believer that every woman needs a good red lip a season! If red isn’t your color, find a color that speaks power to you. Here’s one from Inglot that is in heavy rotation.

Everything that glitters…

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Perfect Statement Piece for the Evening

Might not be gold, but if it has some shine, then it makes me feel and look golden. Even when you are wearing a pair of jeans and a tee, it’s important to make a style statement. A piece of statement jewelry or what I like to call something that you feel good about, takes your ability to sparkle to the next level. Remember to put something on that makes you feel special! Here is something perfect for the beach. I’m loving this collar which is perfect for a day around town.

Platformed or Wedge Sandal

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Walk tall in these wedges.

You want a great heel. I am all about stiletto-ing up! But for summer you need a great espadrille sandal. I’m a big believer in walking and standing tall. I also certainly understand that comfort is important also and love a great wedge in the summer.

White Basics

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Satin Poplin Cropped top – a summer must have

During the summer, I load up on as many white basics as possible: a great pair of white jeans, white blazers, a white body suit, tunics, vests, tees, button downs. Why do we need white basics? Because we want to feel light. Paired with culottes or your favorite jeans, white tunics and button downs are key to keeping your look fresh, modern and sophisticated.

Get Sexy With it!

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Embrace your curves with this dress

So here’s what’s real, almost every woman has something(s) about her body that she isn’t necessarily in love with! I get it! But have you ever thought about bringing sexy back (not for a special someone) but for you? We as women are at our best when we are connected to our bodies. A body con sheath or jersey knit dress reminds me to love every crevice and curve. And guess what? They’re not just for cocktail events, a simple dress with one or two feminine details paired with a easy cropped jacket or edgy moto jacket make dressing with a hint of seduction daylight-friendly. Check out this cut out speckle dress. Love the skin you’re in!

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Dare to Wear is a transformation makeover show that brings two women together to swap styles and embark on a journey together. In the process they learn to unleash their style and their voice. Tai Beauchamp bring them out of the box and guides them to redefining what their style statement should be. 

Dare To Wear Airs on TLC Fridays 10pm/9C

Stay tuned for Tai’s new website The Tai Life launching soon!

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