Pregnancy, The Journey

Steamy, Sexy, and….Pregnant

| February 11, 2014
Sex and pregnancy a topic we ignore but so many parents-to-be have questions about what to do once knocked-up. Is your sex life on pause? It certainly doesn’t have to be. Women take a little longer to warm up, but we have pound for pound the same amount of erectile tissue as men do- it’s just inside of us so you can’t always see how our bodies respond to arousal. Women need the right conditions to feel aroused. Pregnant women with their fluctuating hormones also experience increased blood flow to the pelvis- which can increase pleasurable sensations when you are ready to play. You want to get out of your head space and into your body.
Set the mood
Candle light, soothing aromatic scents, a warm environment, music, beautiful scenery to create a sensual mood. Expectant women experience heightened awareness through their senses, so touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight are amplified.
Once the mood’s been set, it’s time to explore touch starting with the erogenous zones- ears, nape of neck, behind the knees, inner thighs, feet, breasts. This will help relax an expectant mama relax and really turn her on. When highly aroused she will secrete her own fluids properly lubricating her inside, her vulva and vestibular bulbs (parts of the vagina) will engorge making for a snug fit for penetration. You will not need any extra lubrication- if you do, then you are not aroused!
Really take your time- 1 part erotic pampering and 1 part steamy sex. Clitoral stimulation as well as nipple stimulation can lead to incredible orgasms. The more good sex you have the easier labor and birth you will experience because the muscles of the vulva, round ligaments, and uterus have been well trained for the “main event”- your birth.
*Glow Tip– Semen deposits contain prostaglandins which help ripen the cervix and prepare it for delivery so this is especially helpful at 36 weeks onward. So climactic sex even helps get the female body ready for labor.
Recommended sex positions and why they are great. 

Cowgirl One of the best positions during pregnancy is the Woman on top position. Called the “Cowgirl”, position takes all of the pressure off of the woman’s abdomen, and also allows her to be in control of the speed and the depth of penetration.

Seated Position A seated position is also one of the more comfortable positions during pregnancy. Here a man will sit on a chair or the edge of the bed. The woman straddles the man, either facing him or facing away from him.

Doggy Style The back entry position or “doggy style”, involves the woman being down on all fours. The man enters from behind, standing or kneeling behind the woman. The woman can use pillows to support her stomach,chest, and knees especially during later pregnancy. A variation of this position, the “puppy pose,” has the woman resting her arms and her head on the mattress, while her hips are still lifted in the air.

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