Sport Your Yoga Mat In Style: The Agoya Tote


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We’ve all had those awkward moments where we end up in a hurry out the door to yoga class and can’t find a descent solution so we come up with a make-shift contraption to carry it in and hope that no one notices it. As a yoga practitioner and teacher who is constantly traveling with my mat about town I am always looking for a simple yet elegant solution for toting my yoga props. I am also on the look out for what’s cool for my clients who are on the go as well.There are lots of yoga mat carrier solutions on the market and one of the most interesting designs is that of the recently launched European brand, Agoya.

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The Agoya Loop and Agoya Tote are the two handcrafted carriers that encompass their debut product line. The Agoya Loop is essentially a hand-crafted strap that can be adjusted to fit your yoga mat so it’s nice and snug and the slip proof material ensures your mat stays in place while commuting to your class. You can carry it over the shoulder or like a messenger bag. 

The Agoya Tote, is an Asian inspired design. Equipped with elastic strap inside to secure your mat. There’s a well disguised pocket that will hold your keys, cell phone, wallet, a snack and even a small towel. 

The Agoya Tote comes in a beautiful red box and it’s packaging is gorgeous! You’ll have to order one to get the full experience!

Check out Agoya and use promo code “MAMAGLOW” for a 10% discount on your purchase!

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