Sleep + The 5 Senses: Get Ready for Slumber!



Do you know that sleep is a full sensory experience? All of the senses should be engaged to help you fall and (stay) asleep every night. Prime yourself for maximum slumber.

Sound:  A noisy environment is not conducive to restful sleep. Avoid dozing off with the TV on. If you’re a bedtime TV watcher, be sure it’s set for a timer to shut off. A white noise machine can mask sounds like airplanes, traffic, alarms, and noisy neighbors. The brain will tune out a steady drone. This works wonders for babies and children too. A guided meditation album or podcast can also serve as a relaxing pathway to sleep.

Vision: Research shows that light is one of the greatest factors inhibiting your ability to fall asleep. Keep your bedroom dark when possible and use an eye mask to limit light leaks. A bedroom decorated with soothing hues- beiges, creams, pastels and that’s orderly will promote restful sleep. Along with that making sure you aren’t looking at LCD screens within 2 hours of bedtime to help relax the mind and eyes.

Scent: Bad odors may not only disrupt sleep, but can cause disruptive dreams as well. Left over food smells, cigarette or cigar odor can interfere with sleep. An air purifier can help with smells. There are many natural scents you can use to calm the nervous system and induce relaxation including: lavender, chamomile, rose, melissa, and vanilla essential oils. Use these oils with a diffuser and never directly on the skin.  Try scenting the sheets with Brooklyn LimeGreen Linen Spray.

Taste: If you need a little bedtime snack that will help get you in the mood to snooze try: a piece of toast with almond butter. Having a small serving of a food containing tryptophan (the amino acid famous for putting people to sleep on Thanksgiving as it is plentiful in turkeys) is also plentiful in nuts and oats as well!

Touch: Sleeping on the right bed is essential. You want a surface that is comfortable for your taste- not too soft or to firm- just right. Natural bedding is important too we love Boll & Branch luxury bedding. Cotton and silk is best because they breathe and keep you cool during slumber and feel good against your skin. The higher the thread count- the more cozy the sheets will feel. Have you considered massage? Touch can transmit healing and relaxation. Having a massage in the evening as a ritual a few times a month can also help improve your sleep.

What are some of your sleep rituals that engage the senses?

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