Services : Glow Guidance

Program Overview
In the Glow Guidance “coaching” program Latham Thomas shares her holistic approach to pregnancy and well being which she has used to educate, empower, and inspire her clients to look and feel their most radiant. As the Mama Glow maven, Latham has touched the lives of hundreds of women who want to experience a healthy, balanced, and fabulous pregnancy. She offers this 2 hour course for pregnant and non-pregnant women to explore healing, personal growth, and living to their fullest potential. The program combines yoga & movement, ritual, paired sharing, journaling, self care techniques, and her comprehensive wellness plan containing dietary and lifestyle advice that helps optimize your glow. This is a live course that meets over a 4-week period in NYC.

Virtual Glow Guidance
Finally, lifestyle support tailored to meet the needs of the individual. This program is designed to help the client achieve her dietary, lifestyle, and fitness goals while maintaining a healthy abundant pregnancy. This program also accommodates women on the path towards conception. If you are looking to eat a more balanced diet, commit to exercising, and enjoy improved energy levels, weight loss, vibrant skin, and shiny hair this program may be the right fit for you. Schedule an appointment to work with Latham via phone or PopExpert.