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5 Products to Help Self-Care Your Way to Better Health

Daphne Thompson | July 25, 2021

As we observe International Day of Self Care this month (July  24), we take the time to create the boundaries necessary to pull away from the world outside and turn inward to take care of ourselves. Self-care is a vital aspect of wellbeing, and spending time, energy, and money on maintaining each aspect of you is a worthwhile investment you can make in your long-term health. One of my favorite parts of being a member of the Mama Glow community (and believe me, there are MANY) is getting to learn from incredible brands and their game-changing products, designed to make self-care an integral, instinctual part of our daily routines.

Here are some of our current favorite picks, which we hope will help you stay happy, healthy, and cared for:

Yinova Crystal Ear Seeds Kit

In addition to being a center of wellness and healing for needs across the reproductive continuum, Yinova has curated a shop of products to support your health at home. Their online store holds tinctures, supplements, teas, and more, but my favorite product they offer is the Yinova Crystal Ear Seeds Kit.

Ear seeds, when adhered temporarily, stimulate acupoints in the ear (without piercing the skin) to ease symptoms related to chronic conditions and to enhance overall wellness. Depending on where you place your seeds (the kit comes with a guide to locate each pressure point), you can target points for stress relief, neck and back pain, or reproductive health. Each ear seed lasts about 3 days, which means that one brief self-care act of applying your own ear seeds will have a days-long positive impact on your health. Plus – they look like a stylish new ear piercing!

Yinova Center Crystal Ear Seeds Kit – $40

Dr. Elsa Jungman Microbiome-Friendly Skincare

Dr. Elsa Jungman has crafted a two-step skincare line that is rooted in both self-care and science. The clean, plant-based regimen supports your microbiome to strengthen and restore the skin barrier, not strip it. Dr. Elsa’s Minimalist Bundle streamlines skincare with only two hero products, the Begin Again Cleanser and the Start Over Serum, offering you and your skin everything you need to stay nourished and clean.

A good skincare routine is a great way for even the busiest person to indulge in self-care. All you have to do is add intention, not time, to the steps you take every day to transform them from habit to ritual. The washcloth that comes with the Minimalist Bundle gently caresses my face as I clean it, and I love to use a Gua Sha tool to methodically work the serum into my skin while promoting circulation.

Dr. Elsa Jungman Minimalist Bundle – $115

Rosebud Woman The Ritual Complete Set

Good sex, whether partnered or solo, is a well-needed facet of any healthy self-care routine, and Rosebud Woman has crafted a brilliant line of intimate wellness products for people with vulvas. Their refresh wipes are a must-have in your purse or backpack when you’re on the go, and their Anoint body oil is perfect for self-massage to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

Make Rosebud Woman a part of your intimacy with Honor balm, which is especially helpful for calming the skin dryness caused by postpartum or pregnancy, or apply Arouse as a sexy addition to foreplay.

Rosebud Woman The Ritual: The Complete Set – $215

Odacité Restorative Night Cream

Staying hydrated and well-rested are two of the most caring things you can do for your body, mind, and spirit. While drinking plenty of water and getting your recommended hours of sleep nightly should be prioritized, Odacité has created a product that will maximize your efforts and make you feel luxurious while doing so. Their Créme De La Nuit restorative night cream is rich in 100% natural, clinical-grade ingredients that work while you sleep to calm and deeply hydrate the skin so that you wake up visibly glowy, healthy, and refreshed.

The cream comes with an acupressure beauty tool to target facial pressure points and relieve perpetual tension and stress, relaxing the muscles right before it’s time to go to bed.

Odacité Créme De La Nuit – $118

BINTO Custom Supplement Subscription

I know that supplements are important to ensure that my body is getting everything it needs, especially since hormonal birth control depletes nutrients that are necessary in order to stay balanced, but I get so overwhelmed when it comes to knowing which supplements to take and when to take them. So, one of the best things I did for my overall wellness was subscribe to BINTO.

Binto has made supplement-taking second nature by shipping you individually wrapped packets to take on the daily, personalized based on your responses to their online quiz. The quiz asks your questions to determine where you are at on the reproductive continuum, what you might be lacking, and what your goals are when it comes to your health.

BINTO Monthly Supplement Subscription – starts at $35/month

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