S.H.E Summit’s Founder Claudia Chan on Women + Empowerment


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As mama to 15-year old Jackson, a 2nd baby due Feb 2017…a book on women’s leadership due Fall 2017…and her 5th annual S.H.E. Summit women’s conference approaching in 2 WEEKS on Oct 28-29 at NYC’s 92nd Street Y, women’s empowerment educator and leader Claudia Chan is one busy woman. Gearing up for the conference, she wants to share this important message and invitation with you.

My women’s empowerment platform & company S.H.E. Summit aims to “CONNECT, EDUCATE + ACTIVATE” women to realize and RISE to their extraordinary potential and purpose, and LIFT other women along the way.  At 41 I felt my respect for women was at its highest pinnacle…until I became a mother June of 2015. Wow…what it takes to conceive, carry, birth, feed, raise a child… and give life to all of humanity…is nothing short of extraordinary. Women are biologically and emotionally designed to hold so much power, capacity and potential…yet it’s mind boggling and disturbing that women and girls are far from being valued as EQUAL in society. Whether it’s the pay gap, lack of better parental leave policies, gender biases that still exist–this inequality impacts our careers, financial livelihoods, marriage health, self worth, children we’re raising–to the standard of living we leave behind for the next generation. You may think you are powerless or time-starved to affect change, but the opposite couldn’t be more true…and when we do nothing, we let others determine our destiny…we give away our power.


I am thrilled to share a 20% promo code: MAMAGLOW for you to attend the 5th annual S.H.E. Summit a global women’s empowerment conference on October 28-29 at 92nd Street Y in NYC. Over 250 speakers from Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, to UN Ambassador Samantha Power have convened on our stage to share their women’s empowerment advice/message. Our 2016 line up of 50 speakers incl. faces below like Kelly Clarkson, Reshma Saujani to Sallie Krawcheck.

Sessions that Mamas will LOVE: 
Investing Your Time in What Matters Over Having It All with 3 Grammy Award Winner Kelly Clarkson

Couple’s Therapy with NY Times Best Selling Author Esther Pearl: How Marriages and Relationships Thrive as Women Rise
How to Advance Your Career through Parenting & Parenthood with Weespring.com Founder Allison Downey

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