Quinciple – Convenience, Quality, and Farmer’s Market Favorites!


Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.15.24 PMLet’s face it- you’re busy…extremely so. Grocery shopping- which was once a pleasure has now transformed into a hectic free for all as stores fill up after work and people push their carts aggressively as if they’re in some sort of competition. For moms who love to cook but want to cut out the schlep- I have the perfect solution: Quinciple. Combining convenience, quality, and farmer’s market favorites this subscription service curates and packs orders in a warehouse in South Williamsburg then delivers them via eco-tricycle to Manhattan homes for $49.90 a week (that’s about one grocery bag at Whole Foods!). The boxes feature fifteen farm fresh food stuffs that can feed two adults two meals each plus some fun beautifully branded recipe cards which help you play in the kitchen. Quinciple sourcing comes from all over including, like-minded farms ranging from Union Square Greenmarket farmers to California citrus groves.

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What we love about Quinciple is that a busy new mama (or papa) can create a special home cooked organic meal without the hassle, making date night at home a breeze. You can prep a gourmet, locally sourced meal together or put grandma to work when she comes for a visit. As someone who loves shopping at the Farmer’s Market and embracing CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Quinciple is really the best of both worlds! Chemicals added to food during cultivation or processing can build up in your body. Many of these toxins are associated with adverse health effects. Pesticides, for example, contain known carcinogens. Others have been linked to neurological and reproductive system damage. So we fully support brands that bring clean food to families and make it easier and accessible to eat glow foods! We love Quinciple’s branding and the packaging that makes it portable, whether delivered to your home or office.

Give Quinciple a try.

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