Get Plenished! London’s Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse


London's own cold pressed juice company

London’s trendy cold pressed juice company

Plenish Cleanse is an Organic Juice company founded by Kara Rose. A native New Yorker, she first turned to juice cleanses to deal with a long battle against strep throat. Once hooked she came to London to spread New York’s popular health trend. We first learned of Plenish from our dear friend Pippa Vosper. Plenish cleanses are made from foods high on the alkaline chart and entirely organic ingredients. They make their juices using a hydraulic press imported from the US which gently and completely extracts the natural vegetable and fruit juices unleashing the phytonutrients, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements from organic produce. 

The cleanses range from 3, 5, to 7 days and are broken down into 3 levels of cleanses varying in the amount of alkalizing green juice you receive:

  • Harmony: Designed for those who know their diet and lifestyle are in major need of an overhaul. This cleanse is a gentle detox for those who have little experience with cleansing as it’s the easiest to stick to.
  • Clarity: Recommended for more experienced cleansers who are mindful of what goes into their mouths on a regular basis, probably workout a few times a week and eat mostly whole foods. It is perfect for those who would like a deep cleanse but are not quite ready for something as intense as Level 3.
  • Purity:  This one is for the green juice and detox lovers out there! You probably know what alkaline means, already eat a mostly plant and whole food based diet, exercise regularly and have tried a juice cleanse or detox before. Level 3 is designed for maximum results and a serious alkaline balancing act!

London's own cold pressed juice company!

London’s own cold pressed juice company!

In the “juice boutique” customers can mix and match to create a custom juice cleanse. There are also options for discounted group cleanses, cleanse programs at work, and even a Bridal cleanse package that ranges from 8-30 days. There is also an in-staff nutritionist available for consultation sessions to keep you on track. Plenish has been featured everywhere from Vogue, GQ, Time Out London and Conde Nast traveler. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop names Plenish the best juices “from across the Pond.”

Get Plenished! Visit Plenish online.

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