Peace Begins With Me: How to Harness Your Energetic Force Field Post-election


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The recent election results were shocking for people no matter what side they stood on. Those who were supporters of Trump were fueled with excitement and Hillary supporters and much of the world, was devastated and in disbelief. We stand in a country divided. But there is a population of people who could not yet vote, who were engaged in the grueling process by proxy, and shared in the uplift and upset (depending on if they lived in a Trump or Hillary household), this group formed their own opinions about what was happening in the world around them and they are anxious. So who are they? Our children. This election in the peak of the social media age and info-tainment was hard to escape, there was information and combative dialogue happening everywhere you turned. Even school yards were divided and kids argued as if they were defending their favorite sports teams spewing phrases they heard on tv or from adults. Adults and parents who may not be having these discussions with their children, but were having them within earshot.
And in the days following the post election aftermath there was a collective mourning and large sense of confusion and upset that rippled down to our children. Everyone felt the blanket of grief, it bonded many of us and affected all of us. Let’s talk about that feeling and how it affects those around us, especially our children. Your individual energetic force field extends 30 feet beyond you so when you enter a space people feel your presence. If you are upset or angry, that energy precedes you and affects the people who co-habit that space. So you don’t really have to say anything at all, your energy speaks louder than words. And our children pick up on our energy more than anyone else because they are sensitive sentient beings who depend upon us. For our children, we are the arbiters of what’s safe so if we convey a sense of distrust or that we are not safe, our energy shifts, we emit stress hormones and they  may respond with tears, tummy aches, lethargy, asking a lot of questions out of fear, insomnia, etc.
What can we do to help our children feel safe in an uncertain world? We can reclaim our own sense of security. We can ground ourselves and affirm ourselves in our power. We can remember that we do not exist in isolation and that we can stand together to make a difference. We can activate around the causes that we are passionate about and pour our energy into doing good for others and the world. We can teach love and rise above the hateful rhetoric…
People think that mindfulness is something you carve out time for so you can fit it into your day and hope that it helps you stay calm. But mindfulness is a lifestyle, it’s becoming aware of how the energy you emanate and how it impacts those around you.
Here are some ways you can put your mindfulness practice into action and help to calm the f%#k down.
Smudge Spray: Cover yourself with White Sage Smudge Spray and clear the rumbling disturbing thoughts and start the day clear.
Family Morning Mantra: Come up with your own affirmative phrase that will help center you and your children as a reminder that all is well.
Color outside the lines: Take time to color, get a long roll of paper and get down on the floor with the kids and draw, color and get free and lost in the art.
Make a God Box: Take an oatmeal canister and decorate it and put a slit in the top. Every day sit down with the children and write down something you are thankful for and something you’d like to pray for, or a wish for the world and place it inside the God box.
Deep belly Breaths: Deep belly breathing will activate the parasympathetic nervous system which controls the stress response and help us get back to a state of calm in the chaos.
It’s all about harnessing that energy and transforming it from upset to uplift. Now is the time to take your practice off the mat, off the cushion and into action. Repeating this simple 4 word mantra with your child(ren) and to yourself – PEACE BEGINS WITH ME.

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