Papa Glow: Yoga Warrior Rudy Mettia shares 5 GlowTips for Cool Dads


Rudy Mettia's Yoga DVD program- a papa glow essential.

Rudy Mettia’s Yoga DVD program- a papa glow essential.

Having a 4-year old child, I know that being a father can be our greatest challenge, and simultaneously, our greatest blessing. From supporting the family, taking care of your own health, getting to the gym, keeping up with friends and most importantly being a supportive spouse or partner, it can be easy to get a bit overwhelmed and unbalanced. Keeping these common challenges in mind, here are my five tips for keeping your cool in the heat of the summer.

Rudy Mettia teaching yoga

Rudy Mettia teaching yoga

Snooze 7-8 hours each night. The science behind getting enough sleep is steep. Sleep is where we physically recover and recharge, which readies us to be the champions for our families that they deserve every day. If you can’t get an uninterrupted 7-8 hours during the night make a plan with your spouse for a time where you can catch a 30-60 minute nap. Also, suggest that you can take the kids out of the house so she can get one as well. You both will greatly benefit from this arrangement. On a side note, if the kids are in school or at camp, you could always take a nap together…just saying.

Prioritize your yoga and workout. Its simple. My daughter’s mother and I made a deal when she was pregnant that neither one of us should, or would sacrifice our yoga practice. We knew that to keep our mental and physical health we needed time to ourselves. I decided that my workouts 6-7 days a week would have a greater payoff (vs hanging with the boys at the bar) in terms of a healthy and happy life. Its that important.

Keep up your healthy diet and lifestyle. As with your physical conditioning, once your diet slips you’re headed for trouble.

Sit down & focus yourself. Perhaps 15 minutes before the family gets up and your day gets started. And then again, 15 minutes in the car between events or at the end of the workday before entering the house for an evening with your family. A few moments to gain your center will go a long way.

Take care of your child’s mother. This is most important. Without her, most of us dads are in a world of hurt and hot water. And being in hot water is no way to stay cool, as a dad.



Rudy Mettia is probably the most irreverent yoga teacher out there. Beneath his rugged exterior lies a heart so full and vibrant you cannot help but fall in love with him. Rudy teaches based on experience and is often referred to as the mad scientist of yoga. Through a lifetime of exploration and a serious dedication to the practice of yoga, Rudy has developed a unique yet insightful way of teaching. Rudy is the perfect teacher to take you to the next level. As the creator of Yoga Warrior 365 DVDs, and as an extremely popular Los Angeles instructor – Rudy is the one you’ll never get enough of.

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