Papa Glow: Ultimate Yogi Travis Eliot’s 5 Yoga Inspired Tips for Dads


The Ultimate Yogi- Travis Eliot's DVD box set

The Ultimate Yogi- Travis Eliot’s DVD box set

As a dad of two, I know how challenging it can be to live your own life, when you have two others to constantly be aware of. However, don’t let stress get you worked-up, and don’t let exhaustion make you miss the important parts. Below are a few tips I’ve compiled, from yoga principles, which can help you be the best dad possible.

Travis Eliot practicing yoga

Travis Eliot practicing yoga

Embrace Your Feminine Side: Lets face it, we are raised in a society where we are supposed to be macho. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to push that stroller, change that diaper, or to find your soft side. Dads can be strong yet nurturing too.

Mama gets all the attention: Get used to it, baby needs mom and often we are left helpless standing on the sidelines. But one day your baby will reach a certain age where they look to dad for help, advice, and a little roughhousing.

Learn how to cook a healthy meal: Although this is a personal weakness of mine, mastering a healthy dish or two that can feed the whole family and that can be made in minutes will ultimately benefit everyone.

Take time for yourself: How are you going to give to others if you don’t give back to yourself? Find time, even if it’s just 30 minutes, to exercise, meditate, hit a punching bag, or throw a ball around, whatever you need to do keep your cool in times of high stress. Dads need glowtime too.

Be Present! Enjoy every moment of fatherhood, even the challenging ones because before you know it your kids will be grown up and will move out. Find your carpe diem, and suck the juice out of every little moment. It’ll benefit you, but also your kids, who at the end of the day, need Dad’s presence and guidance to thrive!


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Travis Eliot is one of the most talked about, hottest stars in the yoga community! Influenced by his global travels, Ayurvedic studies and profound passion for music, his classes are physically demanding yet perfectly meditative. He teaches his signature “Holistic Yoga Flow” class at several studios in Los Angeles, and also teaches several workshops nationally and internationally. He is the creator of “The Ultimate Yogi,” the ground breaking DVD program, and numerous other best selling yoga DVDs.

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