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Papa Glow: Marcus Antebi of The Juice Press

| June 15, 2014
Marcus Antebi- Founder: The Juice Press
Marcus Antebi- Founder: The Juice Press

The Juice Press: it’s become an institution in NYC. Bulldozing through the health food market providing fresh, organic and super tasty food for the masses. It’s founder Marcus Antebi- a mega operator and superfood aficionado has changed the way New Yorkers perceive health food. He removes the loftiness from the raw food movement and makes the trend towards good health palatable for anyone and everyone. I remember meeting Marcus for the first time when he launched the first location on 1st ave and 1st street. He spent lots of time at the store getting to know his customers, what they wanted, and meeting their needs with the most robust menu you’ll ever find in a juice bar- period. He’s the father of a seven year old girl and has a newborn with his fiancé. We caught up with Marcus to talk about babies, green juice, and fatherhood.

What’s been your food and wellness journey? 

I started caring about my health at age 16 after completing 3 months in drug rehab- everyone my age was drinking and doing drugs and smoking cigarettes. The older kids were worse off. My healthy journey began with abstaining for sugar and greasy fried foods and developing disciplines with training and fitness.

You’re athletic and love kickboxing, what’s your workout routine consist of?

My ideal work out routine now is to make sure that I maintain some level of cardio by training 2 days a week with Thai boxing pad holder and then do my own bag work routine for 1 hour 2 days additional a week. Every day I do 50 pushups and I do about 50 to 100 squats with a 45lb kettle bell. In the summer I up my training by a lot and try to participate in any available sport from cycling and swimming, to just throwing a frisbee around at high speed for 2 hours in the baking sun.


What are your favorite dishes to make/share with your daughter?

My daughter is 7 years old and a fussy eater. The only thing I can make with her that I like and she likes are super foods smoothies. She loves The Juice Press smoothies and loves you use the blender. Alternatively when we cook dishes like pasta, we never use dairy or protein and I explain to her why. She likes vegetables with pasta and olive oil.

Your fiancé just had a baby, what are some of your go-to-glow foods she’s consuming to stay strong while breastfeeding? 

Katelin has a varied and broad diet. She eats whatever she wants.  Her appetite has changed due to pregnancy and I can speak for hours on why a woman would crave more junky foods during pregnancy… Katelin does like salads and drinks a good amount of Juice Press juices and smoothies. I’d being lying if I said she doesn’t reach a lot for meatballs and spaghetti, crackers and sweets and ice cream.


Are you a hands on dad, What’s in your baby bag? 

My fiancé doesn’t like my diapering approach. I don’t mind the mess or changing the diaper. My baby bag has a cell phone with 4 nanny’s phone numbers in it.

What’s the best thing about being a father? 

My 7 year old is innocent and good to her core. Her intentions are obvious and simple. I love to observe that – she wants to play, participate, and learn all the time. I need to mirror that. When I watch her run on a beach and live in the moment in the purest way – its profound. The moment is gone just like that. I’d say the greatest thing about sharing with a child is you observe the moment more closely and if I can hold on to it I appreciate where my life came from and is now at better. Observing my daughter is like a time machine – my emotions stray to when I was a boy back to the now, and then quickly to the future. It’s a trip.


What is your philosophy about food and what sets The Juice Press apart from other juice brands?

I meet a lot of famous doctors and food science people. They are very grandiose and many make things too complicated. The simple philosophy is based in 6 important points: 1. Avoid and eliminate processed foods. 2. Reduce protein intake significantly. 3. Make at least 70% or more of your diet come from plant based foods. 60% of that at least from raw plant based foods. 4. Don’t over eat 5. Avoid dairy altogether. 6. Drink a lot of fresh raw juices.

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What are 5 key ingredients everyone should have in their kitchen?

Easy: Olive oil, coconut oil, ginger, leafy greens, and avocados.

For more info on The Juice Press visit them online.

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