Papa Glow: Low Libido? 5 Tips to Get Your Mojo Back!


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A busy and stressful lifestyle may lead to a less than satisfactory sex life, and for parents that can put a real dent in your relationship. Improve your libido by making small changes in your daily life. A flagging libido is often a symptom of a frenetic lifestyle. Those caught up in the rat race tend to put sex low on their priority lists and lose touch with their bodies and intimacy. Stress, lack of sleep, adjusting to new parenthood, and lack of exercise can make a robust sex drive crash and burn.

If this sounds like you, don’t fret- there are many effective and holistic methods to help get your mojo back. From increasing your testosterone levels to energy healing, here’s our 5 glow tips for getting your papa glow mojo back!

Move It!

Men who are stressed all the time find it almost impossible to have good sex because of destructive changes in body chemistry. The research is clear that even lightweight exercise programs cause a dramatic drop in stress chemicals- including cortisol, and an increase in sexual interest. Exercise enhances blood flow to the pelvic region and releases happy hormones and feel good endorphins leading to a booming libido. Implement a fitness routine with cardio, resistance training and stretching. Go to the gym for half an hour most days of the week to increase endurance, energy and sexual desire.The more challenging the workout, the more you boost your sex drive.

Tantric Magic Tricks

Originating thousands of years ago in India, Tantra is a philosophy and meditation practice of sacred teachings that encompass the emotional and spiritual and physical realm of connection. Yoga can increase blood flow to the genitals and promote sexual arousal in individuals with low libidos. Through Tantra you learn to control the energies, emotions and mental states. One recommendation is: ‘seated forward bend’ known aspaschimottanasana, a yoga asana (position) that is known for increasing sperm density, and therefore fertility and libido. Tantric yoga can increase hormone production and unblock chakras (spiritual energy points in the body).

Make Love, Not War

Anger, resentment or being hen pecked, will put the libido on ice faster than a cold shower. In their relationships men generally need to have sex in order to feel loved, but women need to feel loved before they can have sex. When men become stressed they shut down emotionally and don’t communicate; and their partners react to this in a number of ways usually creating conflict. Make time, preferably when you are in a more relaxed mood, to communicate with your partner. If it’s difficult to open up or your relationship seems like it is beyond repair, consult a therapist. Couple’s therapy can bring two people to a really connected place. Really good sex with your partner is really the best way to maintain libido.

Pin Me Down

Acupuncture offers men with low libidos, long-term solutions by addressing the root problems. Lack of sleep and stress are two of the most common causes for low testosterone and diminished libido in men. Stress causes the body to go into fight or flight mode, which floods stress hormones like cortisol into the bloodstream. Cortisol and testosterone have an antagonistic relationship, so like a see-saw, when cortisol goes up, testosterone goes down. Acupuncture can increase testosterone levels in men by naturally activating the body’s relaxation response, and treatment will help patients get a good eight hours of sleep. It is all about blood flow, “moving the chi”. And no, acupuncture needles are never placed anywhere near the penis.

Whet Your Appetite 

Aphrodisiacs often first come to mind when we think of whetting our sexual appetites. But it’s not something you eat everyday. Peter Ehrlich, a Canadian entrepreneur, created a cereal called ‘Sexcereal’, directed at increasing the sex drive. Basically, it has testosterone-boosting vitamins and minerals including zinc, magnesium and vitamin E. “Sexual health is important because lots of us want to procreate and have a healthy sex life, so it is just one thing to add to your diet,” he says. The men’s version of this cereal, formulated by professional nutritionists, contains ingredients, such as camu camu, bee pollen, maca and black sesame – all selected for their libido-enhancing qualities. Camu camu berry has a high concentration of vitamin C, which improves vascular function and increases testosterone, which can really turn up the heat in the bedroom. SexCereal is available online. Check out our tasty Cocoa Maca Smoothie. Other sex power foods include watermelon, ginger and dark chocolate.

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