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Papa Glow: 4 Ways to Tune into the Art of Play

| May 7, 2014
By: Rene Lopez
Post By: Rene Lopez
My greatest joy in life is being a father to my two children Cosimo, 9 and Ara, 7. When you fully accept and embrace being father you suddenly find yourself in front of a  mirror seeing who you really are. My kids have helped me face weaknesses  in my character just by being who they are and inspiring me to be a better person, not just a Father. The are many things that I do my best to keep in mind everyday as a Father that help me have a deeper connection with my kids. Here are four of my top glow tips..
Family Ties: Suzie, Cosimo, Ara, Rene
Family Ties: Mama Suzie, Cosimo, Ara, Papa Rene
Being Present
I’m not just talking about being around the house while they are on the sofa playing video games. I’m talking about when you are with your children it is important to engage with them and get down to their level. Go into their world and explore what is going on at that moment. These moments are so damn important and if you you keep missing them; well, tempus fugit. There is magic in being fully present with your kids that so many people miss out on because they are too busy with all of the distractions we have created for themselves. I catch myself all the time getting distracted and I stop and breathe and say to myself that this is the moment; enjoy it.
Sibling Swagger- Ara & Cosimo at home
Sibling Swagger- Ara & Cosimo at home
Being a Good Listener
Most of the time I find kids to be so much more interesting than adults. They have a unique voice that calls to be heard just like us. We just need to be patient and open up our ears. We need to listen to their problems and respect their silliness. We need to honor their stories and their dreams. We need to offer constructive praise. We need to slow down and not always tell them what to do but listen to what they would like to do. This validation will build their confidence and strengthen your bond with them.
Papa Rene & Cosimo
Papa Rene & Cosimo
Being Playful
Ah this is my favorite. I’m still a kid at heart and I love to get down right silly and play with my kids at their level. I feel it’s so important for not only a much needed release but often a great tool for education. Its good for your soul to engage in creative play; using your imagination to come up with different scenarios or just have a dance party to cheesy pop music. Yes I have danced to Katy Perry with my daughter with an open heart. I also enjoy playing sports with my kids and learning how to work together as a team..
Rene's new album- Paint the Moon Gold
Rene’s new album- Paint the Moon Gold
Sharing my music 
I’m a musician. I write songs and I’m blessed that I get to perform and record albums. It is my passion in life and my kids see how much I love it and how hard I work. I now see that they are more interested in being a part of it and I’m so happy to share it with them. I bought them both their own portable record players and turned them on to vinyl. It’s so nice to hear them in their rooms putting on music and singing along. Cosimo has been digging into The Clash and that puts a huge smile on my face! I try not to force it upon them but let them see how happy it makes me. My love of music is starting to rub off on them and they love to perform and create. I shot a video for my new song Here Comes Another Day not knowing what the concept was until my kids walked in the house from school and saved the day. They stole the show and became the stars of the video; all from playing and listening and loving what you do.
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Rene Lopez is a devoted father, husband, and musician. A son of a Latin legend, Rene Lopez Sr., Rene began synthesizing his influences, combining rock and hip-hop with Boogaloo – a distinctly Nuyorcian sound that is rooted in mambo, soul, and R&B. and his style E.L.S. (Electric Latin Soul) was born. For more on Rene’s performances and to get his latest record- Paint the Moon Gold visit him online. 


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