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Panties to the Polls: Thinx Is Making Sure Voters & Poll Workers Are Election-Ready

Daphne Thompson | November 2, 2020

Early voting has been underway across the United States, in anticipation of Election Day on November 3, 2020. This election year is a particularly divisive one, but that has also empowered and impassioned so many to get out and exercise their right to vote. Anticipating long lines for voters and long hours for frontline poll workers, Thinx is making sure that we’re covered when it comes to feminine hygiene.

Thinx, who produce game-changing, reusable undies for leak-free menstruation and support against incontinence, is giving away underwear to poll workers working on November 3 for the presidential election. In addition to giving away free underwear, the company will run a marketing campaign including digital ads that remind people to register to vote and roll out social media content serving as a guide for all things voting: from tips for first time voters to how to handle difficult conversations with friends and family.

Here’s what Hillary Fisher-Groban, Thinx’s VP of Brand, had to say about their politically-motivated campaign and what they’re hoping to accomplish at such a significant time:

What motivated Thinx to get involved in the upcoming election in this way?

This is an election unlike any other. With the pandemic happening, so many people are questioning how they will safely get their votes counted. We really wanted to do something to help voter turnout and reward the folks who are doing this important work at the frontlines. In addition to giving our team the day off (paid) to vote or work the polls, we are offering free underwear to all poll workers. Poll workers are critical to fair elections, particularly during these unprecedented times; this is especially true when voter disenfranchisement is at an all time high and we must all be practicing safe social distancing.

How can Thinx products support in-person voters and poll workers on election day?

For people working the polls who are on their period, or experience bladder leaks, our underwear will be a great solution to getting through long poll shifts and long lines at the voting booths as it is moisture-wicking and leak resistant, and can be used solo or as a backup with a tampon or menstrual cup. If someone was considering whether or not they wanted to volunteer or head to the polls, the last thing you should have to worry about is leaks, running out of supplies, or bathroom leaks.

Reproductive rights and environmental preservation are central pieces of this upcoming election. How does Thinx center and serve both of those causes, not only through your products, but the social work you’re doing?

We don’t just support the fight for democracy! Thinx fights for menstrual equity and free and easy access to period products for all people with periods through our reproductive rights and education, too, through our GiveRise giveback program. We’re glad to say we’ve been able to donate well over 14,500 pairs of underwear this year through our cause partnerships, and generate over a hundred thousand dollars in donations to grassroots organizations providing period products to schools, homeless shelters, and other underserved communities.

We are also passionate about promoting sustainable and reusable solutions that help make the world a healthier place. Every person with a period will send about 250-300 pounds of disposable products, including applicators and wrappers, to the trash in a lifetime. Our product can completely replace that waste stream, and we feel that’s our most important contribution to the planet.

We’re seeing huge numbers of millennial and gen-z aged voters volunteering to work in the polls this year. Why do you think that is?

It’s wonderful to see more people involved in our democratic process and taking the election seriously.

The folks in our office who signed up have been motivated in part by the pandemic, and the opportunity to take the load off of so many at-risk groups (poll workers have been traditionally over the age of 61) who would normally be showing up for this role. Whether it was the movement for Black Lives, the West coast wildfires, or the pandemic, for many younger people, this year has been a wake-up call about the social, economic, environmental, and ethical issues our elections help determine. We’ve seen so many brands and public figures join the conversation to encourage people to get registered, make a plan, tag a voting buddy, and volunteer so the path to action has been laid clear.

With more companies offering paid time off to vote or volunteer, and the increased conversation on social media, we’re so glad people are feeling called to get involved.

What would you like to say to all of the voters and poll workers as we move through this election season?

Thank you; thank you; thank you. To the poll workers: for serving at the frontlines of democracy at a time when we need to show up when and where it counts the most. To the voters: for risking your lives to exercise your right to vote. Your voices matter.

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