Non-Toxic Living Expert Sophia Ruan Gushée Shares New Year’s Detox Tips



Post by: Sophia Ruan Gushée, author of “A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposure”

For many of us, the new year is a time for self-reflection and self-improvement, and I am certainly inspired to make changes in my daily life that will improve the health and wellbeing of myself and my family. The best New Year’s Resolutions pave the way for larger goals, such as more balance, more simplicity, and more presence; making healthier changes to our home environments is a great start to achieving those objectives.

To balance the sense of change the new year brings, it is helpful to maintain a routine, and adjust only a few things at a time. Improve health from the inside out by swapping more organic foods into your diet. Incorporating more home-cooked meals into your schedule also encourages healthier choices. When choosing personal care products, many natural alternatives exist, making it easy to reduce toxic exposures on our skin and bodies. Replace body moisturizers with organic shea butter or organic coconut oil; coconut oil can even substitute for hair gel. Use organic, fragrance-free castile soap in place of conventional shampoo and body wash to eliminate chemicals directly touching the skin – your body’s largest organ.

Over-crowded cabinets are a reminder of the need to simplify, as a cabinet full of cleaning agents shows. Many studies have shed light on the dangerous chemical ingredients inside many household-cleaning products. Luckily, there are many nontoxic products that clean as effectively, if not better, than those potentially harmful cleaners. Vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and castile soap are all excellent substitutes for conventional cleaners, and won’t expose family members or guests to toxicants.

More presence means more mindfulness; make the shift from conscious consumer to mindful consumer by carefully considering items before purchasing, especially if they are unnecessary. Minimizing the amount of new purchases minimizes the risk of introducing new toxicants into the home, especially when it comes to décor and home wares. If you must make new home purchases, you can reduce exposure to dangerous chemicals by avoiding plastics – especially vinyl, which may contain carcinogens; choosing healthier mattresses, like those made of 100% natural rubber or latex, and organic cotton; and painting with low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, which contain fewer heavy metals and formaldehyde.

If improving your wellbeing is one of your goals this year, these are just a few ideas to achieve that goal at home.


Sophia Ruan Gushée is a mother of three who, upon leaving a career in investment management to spend more time with her children, began a journey to build the healthiest and safest environment possible for her family. This mission to become a truly conscious consumer led her into five years of research on the many toxins we are exposed to and the possible effects of these substances on our lives. Sophia earned a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University and a Master in Business Administration from Columbia University. She is also a certified yoga teacher, living in New York City with her family. This is her first book.

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