New Year, New Motto- 5 Ways to Make Time for Yourself


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With the holidays behind us and the new year ahead, excitement and anxiety are often share the same space for many new moms. The shopping, cooking, relatives visiting, travel and general end of the year hustle is over, but in the moments of reflective quiet we find ourselves already feeling like we need to “catch up” . Many of us will feel excited to start new routine and do away with old habits, but feel tethered by the routines of new motherhood. How will I actually succeed at these resolutions I put forth when I am breastfeeding around the clock? How will I get back on track with fitness? It’s important to remember you don’t have to operate at lightening speed. Forget about the New Year’s Resolution that everyone struggles to stick to. Make tiny goals that are oriented around you seeking equilibrium in the new year. There is so much pressure to get everything right. Slow down your world and take time for your personal self care- me time is crucial and a must for your 2017. Consider it a gift to yourself, one that keeps on giving.

5 Simple Ways to Take Time for Yourself

Make Glow Time a priority. Glow time is a self care practice- whether that’s getting a massage, a foot rub, facial, reading a good novel, taking a long warm salt soak with candle light, having brunch with a friend, getting your hair blown out, whatever helps you to relax and feel rejuvenated. It’s all about recharging the batteries.

Move your Body. It’s easy to get stuck in our routines- or lack thereof. We forget that functional movement is really important to maintain a healthy happy body. You don’t have to join a gym, you don’t have to make time for an hour long class. Blast some Beyoncé or Taylor Swift in your living room and dance for 20 minutes.

Phone Fasting. Tune all the digital chatter out of your life for one day. If the thought gives you a panic attack, then try half a day. Phone-fasting includes iPads, computers, video games, etc. Take that time to tune inward, be with yourself, with family, go for a run, spend time doing what you love with who you love, and take time to appreciate the precious moment that is the present.

Nix Multitasking. Women are masterful multi-taskers. We are often forced to complete multiple duties at the same time. We over-schedule and over-commit ourselves even with new babies in tow. Much of our modern stress is caused by a feeling that time is escaping us and we are racing through life just trying to get everything done. Slow down and do one thing at a time until it’s complete and do delegate tasks.

Express your inner yogi. All you need is 5 minutes, a comfortable area to sit in peace and quiet, perhaps a nice scented candle, and you’re all set. Create the space for yourself to relax and focus intentionally on your breathing. Come to a comfortable seated position whether that is in a chair, on the bed, or on the floor with your legs crossed, elongate your spine so you are sitting tall and firm on your sits bones. On each inhale draw cool breath in through your nose, and exhale and sigh the warm breath out through the mouth. Do this at least 5 times. Then each inhale continue to draw breath in through the nose and on your exhales allow the breath to exit through the nostrils.

Choose serenity, choose peace, on each inhale, and release stress, tension and anxiety on the exhales. Quiet the mind and the ego- that voice that takes you out of the moment. If complete silence is not your thing, then focus on an affirmation- a positive thought that you can silently repeat as you sit, for example- “I choose balance. I am grounded in the present moment”.

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