New Kids on the Block: LuliTonix Blended Juices


NYC based blended juice company

NYC based blended juice company

We love a good green juice and with so many brands on the scene it’s hard to know which is the next best thing. LuliTonix is a blended juice concept serving up raw blended concoctions, elixirs, smoothies and cleanses that fortify your body with fiber and good flavor. They incorporate superfoods into their blends and believe that “life is better blended”. We love them because the juices are hearty and packed with flavor.  This is a brand that will go over well with the newbie juicers and veterans a like. LuliTonix doesn’t want to be your occasional reset button but part of your daily life. We caught up with LuliTonix founder Lianna Sugarman to get the skinny on her blended juice brand.

What was the inspiration behind LuliTonix? What does the name mean? What’s your brand philosophy?      

The inspiration behind LuliTonix was to create drinks that were optimally cleansing, healing and protective powers while simultaneously being craveable. We wanted to create something we would LOVE with no sacrifice of the benefits.

As for the name–following your passion through unknown doors and up mountains can be such a scary thing—we tend to stay in our comfort zones. Luli was my childhood nickname and I used it to remind myself of that child within all of us who thrives on adventure and new things and to whom possibilities seem limitless.

Our brand philosophy has to do with true wellness. And to us that means working with and for our bodies, and creating potions that not only are good for us but can truly change the way we view food, ourselves, our cravings, life.

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Trio of goodness: Glow, Chia Life, and Kick!

In a market that’s becoming saturated with organic health drinks what makes yours different?

The most immediately obvious and key difference is in our tagline—life is better blended. We blend rather than press our greens. We are huge fiber groupies—fiber is so vital for health, for beauty, for vitality. Particularly when detoxing, fiber is absolutely essential to grab the circulating toxins and fats and get them out of your system, rather than getting reabsorbed. Fiber also helps regulate blood sugar—allowing us to use delicious fruit to complement our green blends without spiking our blood sugar. We are very committed to making our drinks the best they can be in every way. We don’t HPP our greens. We are truly raw—we are true believers in this stuff. We really set out to create recipes that people would really love, and crave, and that can start to truly change our cravings and the way we see food.

What are your 3 most popular flavors?

Kick is our go-to green—for everyone from the newbie to the badass.

Fresh is a big favorite as it is just greens, avocado ginger and lemon basically–very low sugar, and very low calorie, but the avocado creates a really nourishing and satiating blend.

And the Chia line is really popular. Chia Life, our signature and original, and the rest of our Chia Cashew line is drawing a lot of love. 

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The Chia X with a little cacao and maca, Chia Gold which contains anti-inflammatory turmeric, and Chia Joe with a punch of java.

What key nutrient dense ingredients do you use? I tried a Chia life once that was amazing.

Thanks! We are all about nutrient density and are obsessed with using the best things ever.

Obviously we are crazy for greens, for kale, for various herbs. Avocados feature prominently. We are in love with Chia—a true athletic and wellness wonderfood. We created a whole line around it. Turmeric is also a huge favorite which we use, Ginger, Maca, Cacao, Hemp, Aloe. We really are ALL about our ingredients and really passionate about what we put in and the synergistic way in which they enhance one another. 

Tell us about your cleanse. Any unique features?

Our main cleanse, the Rejuvecleanse, differs in large part because we blend.

Retaining the fiber makes for a slower, sustained detoxification. Your energy level will be very high—you don’t feel depleted at all. We get to add in ingredients not customarily experienced on cleanse.—avocados which are such a wonderful food—figs which are so cleansing and so delicious.

Also, we give a bit more leeway and more of a nod to the fact that everyone is different and everyone functions in their own way. So while there are certain drinks prescribed for each day, within that day we suggest that people listen to their bodies when deciding what best to take in when. Learning to listen to your body is a wonderful thing. The drinks are not numbered –we don’t dictate what to drink when. We want our cleanse programs to be really deeply enjoyable on every level.

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LuliTonix cleansing juices- Cleanse, Fresh, Kick, and Chill.

Are you all the first juice cleanse to offer blended greens? 

As far as we know—in that blending is an essential part of the cleanse itself and that we truly use the whole food. 

Where can people purchase? 

Only in NYC for now–(though that may change soon!)

We started as a delivery service and we still do a great deal of that, off our site.

Mulberry & Vine, the amazing cafe in Tribeca, is our major retail partner—they carry almost our whole line. Lyons Den Power Yoga, a Baptiste style hot yoga studio which opened just this fall (but is literally taking NYC by storm) carries a great deal of our line—Pier 59 studios, Bikram Yoga LES, and there are a bunch of new partnerships over the next month to 6 weeks. Sangha studio in Williamsburg is an upcoming partner and actually Alana Kessler, the owner, will be curating a really great postnatal new mama cleanse program for us which we are excited about.


What’s next for LuliTonix? 

More Luli retail. And we’ll have more drinks rolling out as well as more programs and cleanses.

We have some really interesting partnerships and collaborations coming up—we really see ourselves ultimately as being involved in many different aspects of wellness.

We want to get as many people as possible “feelin’ blendy”! 

Just that true wellness is more than discipline and asceticism. It’s more than dragging yourself to the gym or not having the pasta or drinking a green juice. Wellness is bigger than that, and part of it is taking joy in how we treat ourselves, and finding things we absolutely love to eat and drink that also are magical for our bodies. Wellness is doing away with the toxicity of the tension that arises for so many of us with food, with body image, with the trap of the seesaw of condemnation and self-denial a lot of people live with. Wellness is taking joy in what feeds us and nourishes us and energizes us, and that’s why we do what we do.


For more info on LuliTonix visit them online.

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