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5 Mother’s Month Gift Ideas That Were Made With Mamas in Mind

Daphne Thompson | May 11, 2020

At Mama Glow, mothers are celebrated every day of the year and our Mother’s Day festivities last the entire month of May. Since May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s especially important to us that all mothers feel seen, heard, and supported on their journeys, and we love that our favorite brands have made that their mission, too!

If you’re looking to honor the mama or maternal figure in your life with a gift that shows your appreciation for all she does and reminds her to take the time to mother herself, too, here are 5 of our favorites mom-centric products:

1. MUTHA’s Body Oil & Butter Duo

The Mama Glow team is obsessed with MUTHA‘s line of products. The brand prides itself as “essential, effortless skincare that soothes and celebrates you through the career moves, second babies, and new decades—ensuring you look and feel brilliant for every stage of womanhood.” What’s a better celebration of multi-faceted maternal magic than that?!

You can remind the MUTHA in your life that “self-care is never selfish” with the MUTHA gift set. It includes both their body oil and their body butter, two 100% natural products designed to reduce stretch marks and deeply nourish the skin, a self-love practice that even the busiest mom can incorporate into her every-day routine.

2. Plant People’s Drops+ Gift Set for Mom

Plant People makes some of our favorite CBD products for regular use, and for Mother’s Day, they put together a gift set especially for moms to support them as they navigate the essential parts of their lives. The gift set includes three different tinctures – one to help with sleep, one to offer relief from physical discomforts, and a third to maintain daily balance.

3. A HATCH Collection Giftcard

Hatch Collection designs stunning maternity clothes for before, during and after pregnancy, and an e-gift card for Hatch’s online store is the perfect way to show your favorite mama-to-be that you’re thinking of her. We love that Hatch offers staples for trimesters 1 through 4, for a variety lifestyles; from everyday essentials to dressy pieces to cozy staples, they have something for everyone.

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Hatch launched their online magazine “Babe,” offering support for expectant women. You can read their interview with Mama Glow founder Latham Thomas here.

4. Kibou’s Fanny Pack Diaper Bag

We’ve loved Kibou and its founders ever since they launched their brilliant fanny pack bag at Mama Glow’s 2019 Continuum Conference. Kibou’s minimalist diaper bag was carefully designed to fit exactly what a mom on the go will need for herself and her little one, eliminating the need to constantly tote around a heavy, cumbersome shoulder bag. Some of our favorite features are its waterproof zipper pouch for wipes and built-in changing pad.

Their vegan leather bag comes in 5 colors – olive, charcoal, black, brown, and blush – so it’s super chic and complimentary with any outfit, too!

5. Wiley Body’s Baby Bundle

We recently discovered Wiley Body‘s line of skincare products, crafted for both mama AND baby to use. Their baby bundle includes their 3-in-1 Body Bubble formula for hair, body, and bath, their Everywhere Oil to lock moisture into the skin, and their cleansing Body Bar (which includes nourishing ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, and coconut oil).



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