My Morning Glow Ritual: Getting Grounded for a Great Day


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Each morning I start the day off with mindfulness. I rise up around 5:45am and sit on my soft carpet and Samaya meditation cushion. I burn sweet resin and write reflections and read something near my nightstand, usually Sufi poetry or scripture. I do some light movement and take a few minutes to meditate. I use the Many Moons workbook to chart the moon and set up my reflective practices based on the moon phases. Sometimes when I am slow moving I will do a BEDITATION where I lie on the bed after it’s made and check in with my body and breath.

The Love mantra I repeat is: 

The Light of Love Surrounds me

The Energy of Love Enfolds me

The Power of Love Protects me

The Presence of Love is within me

On a warm day I will go out on the high line for some yoga or on the waterfront for a run.

I water and talk to the plants, my grandfather taught me that. I wake my son and make his breakfast. He usually has a smoothie then a savory breakfast that I prepare and we have breakfast together. I usually have lemon water then green juice or Acai and blueberry smoothie with coconut water. I’ve been having miso soup and veggies in the mornings lately which is getting me through the winter. If I have a hot drink it’s a Golden Mylk- turmeric, ginger, peppercorn, almond milk, with a little maple syrup. I pack my mobile pantry in the morning which includes fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, and a bar or two like Zing! or Health Warrior. I never thought I would use Daily Harvest smoothies because I like making my smoothies from scratch but I will bring them to the office to have midday on days when I expect to be in the office longer.

I have a ritual for getting ready: I adorn myself for the day, believe you should dress for the dreams you have. Confidence matters. And it can be found in the small moments like wearing my favorite mala, a dope hat, or fancy bra and underwear. Being the most expressed version of myself is a foundation for success.

I walk my son to school in the morning then head to the office. On a nice day I walk but in the cold I generally take the subway and that’s when I open my Ink and Volt planner and review my day, write notes, reminders and any inspiration. I post my morning inspiration to Instagram if I feel compelled to share. Then the day unfolds from there once I get into the office and start working with women.

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