The AstroTwins Weekly MOMstrology Scope: August 4th-August 11th


Our Astrology Mavens! The Astrotwins Ophira & Tali Edut.

Our Astrology Mavens! The Astrotwins Ophira & Tali Edut.

The Astrotwins Weekly Momscopes now at home on Mama Glow! We are thrilled to announce that we will have your astrology scopes by none other than our friends the Astrotwins. The Astrotwins bring the wisdom of the stars down to earth with their pratical, witty, and unique approach to astrology. Tali and Ophira are the authors of the new Glow-worthy Book- Momstrology: The Astrotwins’ Guide to Parenting Your Little One By The Stars. What’s in store for you this week? See below. 

The Astrotwins Momstrology Scope:

August 4-August 11


Whether on the Internet or IRL, you’re set to sparkle, Aries. An Aquarius full moon on August 10 illuminates your eleventh house of friendships, networking and technology, making you feel super connected and in a festive mood. Yes, we said FESTIVE! Even if you’re feeling exhausted from seemingly endless night feedings or the go-here-go-there rush of the summertime “mom taxi,” you’re ready to let out your ponytail and party. Of course, your definition of partying is probably different than it used to be, but who says we moms (and moms-to-be) can’t still shake our tail feathers? So put on your dancing shoes and rally the troops for some fun nights out—and here are 10 ideas if you just heard crickets. Blanket-invite your friends, too—it can take a small miracle to get some of your mom friends out of the house, for a host of reasons, and you want to be sure you have a crew to hang with. If the troops can’t be rallied, why not just take yourself out? One thing we’ve learned about motherhood is we suddenly have confidence to do things solo we wouldn’t have dared to do before, like to go a movie. There’s no rule that says our non-pregnant mom friends can’t slide up to a bar in a nice restaurant and order a refreshing watermelon martini. Under the Aquarius full moon in your socially savvy sector, it’s a great time to meet new people. In all your travels this week, take the time to make eye contact with people you meet. Small chit-chat could lead into a shared connection that could lead to a friendship. If getting out feels impossible right now, bring the party to your house. A big viewing party of Sharknado 2: The Other One? It’s good campy fun, and no one will mind the friend who talks or texts through the whole thing. Or be the one who hosts the playdates for your kids, since you’ll have the energy to entertain the little ones. Maybe organize a craft or activity, like this blogger did very simply with swimming pool noodles. Since the digital realm is also highlighted under the Aquarius moon, you may decide to write a blog post (you could write about your own playdate themes), to launch a blog on a parenting topic, or to put into motion something that’s been cooking for you for the past six months. Maybe you’ve got THE BEST idea for an educational app and you’re ready to find a developer or do it on your own (check out Moms with Apps as a resource). Dream big, Aries!


Are things starting to click? If you’ve been searching for your rhythm of motherhood or getting comfortable while pregnant, it may all fall into place for you on August 10 with an Aquarius full moon. Shining in your tenth house of career and long-term goals, the moon can signal a crowing moment where your efforts of the past half-year pay off. We’re not suggesting you’ll suddenly have all the answers (but if you do, call us, m’kay?). However, if there’s something that’s felt difficult for you, it may work itself out with a lunar-inspired “eureka” moment. This could be related to you and your partner’s effectiveness with saying “no” to your children—a tricky one!—setting limits, or establishing a new reward system (we love the Peaceful Parent Institute and here’s their take on “no”). Under this potent full moon, you can also rise to the role of disciplinarian, even if that’s not generally your role. Your kids may suddenly see you as the figure of authority as you put new structures into place. That’s not to say you’re stomping around like a warden taking away iPad privileges or docking allowances when chores aren’t completed. Maybe you’re the one insisting that meals be eaten together as a family, at the table, and not in front of the TV or with the TV on in the background (get inspired by the Family Dinner Project). Or maybe you’re the one insisting it IS bath night, no wriggling out of it, or that summer reading gets fast-tracked because the weeks until school are dwindling. Kids actually love structure and routine, and here’s an article on how to create it).You could also find yourself at the end of a cycle that began six months ago, at the corresponding Aquarius new moon. Maybe you’re checking off another trimester, or you’re focused on the new school year and reflecting on how you and your kids got here. You’re ready for the next chapter, and the idea of starting fresh is appealing. Taking the long view doesn’t seem so daunting. If you work outside the home, this is an excellent time to think ahead to what you want next in your job, such as a raise or a new role. Maybe you’re simply due some proper recognition for your work and it could come now. Take it with grace and don’t downplay it (we moms can do that, seemingly never wanting to take the spotlight!). You’ve earned it. Don’t be afraid to ask what comes with it, too—a bonus or how about a day off? Even if that day off is spent with the kids back-to-school shopping or doing some registry maintenance after you finish researching the gear you really want.


Does that all-inclusive resort have babysitting? An Aquarius full moon on August 10 in your ninth house of travel has you contemplating a family getaway—or just one for yourself. Remember Gemini, you’re all about variety, so if the idea of holing up with the entire family in a hotel room gives you angst, it might be because you need to know there will be some child-free time with your partner and/or friends. We get it! Family vacations create memories of good times, but you don’t get to escape the day-to-day stuff you deal with at home in a more fantastic location (tantrums, fights, negotiations, etc.). Of course, you might not think that after viewing all the carefully selected pictures your friends post on Facebook of THEIR family vacations, but trust us, they’re just showing the “highlight reel”. More and more resorts are catering to families, and you indeed can find a lot of places that offer babysitting, children’s activity rooms, pizza parties, etc. (here’s a link to 10 around the world and what they offer the kids). If you’re expecting, it’s a great time for a babymoon, and if you’re not cleared to fly, it could be a drive to a spa resort or somewhere relaxing and rejuvenating (you’re gonna need it!). Check out destinations with the Babymoonfinder, or ask around—chances are good you know moms who blissed out before giving birth to their first and will have lots of recommendations for you. The ninth house also rules higher learning and philosophies. So it may not just be your body that needs massaging, but also your mind. Loading up your e-reader with some books may be enough to satisfy you, and certainly easy to take with you on your travels (everyone around us seems to be digging into The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing). But if you crave more, consider enrolling in a class or even a one-off workshop. Or look into an online course that could be completed on your own time and from the comfort of your home (no babysitter required!). The full moon in the ninth house also assists you in manifesting something that’s been in the works for six months, maybe a gamble or big risk you took. What’s it for you? And are you ready now to set the bar even higher?


Embrace the emotion, Cancer. Feeling weepy? Let it out. Teeming with rage? Unleash. Screaming into a pillow might help, because you’re not going to be able to keep it in, thanks to an Aquarius full moon on August 10 illuminating your eighth house of intimacy. Whoops, are we responsible for the first tears you’ve shed this week? Sorry not sorry! This is a powerful new moon, so go ahead and OWN that emotion, even if it comes out like an erupting volcano. Warn the natives! And if it’s possible, take some solo time so you can recalibrate. Under this intense full moon, you may feel a greater need for privacy and less input from others. Politely excuse yourself from a group conversation that steers into territory you’d rather avoid right now, like birth stories or the very troubling tales of parents who forget children in hot cars. You don’t need this added intensity in your thoughts right now. Filter out negative people and tune into your soul. For moms, find some quiet time to do this either before the kids get up or after they go down—just five minutes in your own head can be super therapeutic if you use them to clear your mind—and not to do this. It’s also helpful, when the kids are awake, to remind them that you’re a person—some of them may be genuinely surprised! They need to know that you have thoughts and needs and desires. Share some of them so that they don’t just see you as the snack-fetcher or, let’s face it, the maid. If they’re old enough, you could try a book of questions they’ll get to keep forever. Or, you could introduce a ritual with your kids, especially if they’re about to start a new school year. If you’re expecting, don’t blame your emotions on your pregnancy hormones (unless that makes YOU feel better). You don’t have to apologize for your feelings and Crab, we know you can go there pretty easily. Just hitch on for the ride of the mood swings and don’t be afraid of where it takes you. A benefit to this laser focus on your feelings is that you’ll be feeling quite intuitive. Trust your gut, and don’t second-guess yourself after you’ve made a decision. Paranoia can easily creep in, so try to offset it with remembering how sensitive you are right now. Things could get sticky with your partner during this time, especially if your ups-and-downs come quickly and your mate can’t keep up (it IS a lot to expect!). So keep communication channels wide open. On the upside, you may feel extra sexy or want to reclaim your sexiness—vroom! Take advantage when the feeling hits you. The eighth house also highlights joint ventures and shared property, and the full moon bears the fruit of seeds planted six months ago. This could manifest itself as something financial for you, maybe paying off or paying down a debt. You could receive an unexpected windfall or find a new income source. If you’re buying or selling, it’s a good time to set a closing date. If you’re toying with the idea of jumping school zones, now is a good time to get to work with a real estate agent to check out the inventory and the schools.


Let’s make it official, Leo. On August 10, the Aquarius full moon shines its light on your seventh house of partnerships. This could be a romantic relationship or a business collaboration: Is there a mutually beneficial relationship that is ready to take the next step? Go there. If you’re a single mom, maybe it’s time to take things to the next level with the person you’ve sorta been “married” to for all intents and purposes, or to get back onto the dating scene. Just as it’s time to seal the deal (if you want to!) it’s also time to cut bait if things aren’t working out and the inevitable has just been put off for way too long. Full moons represent manifestations and turning points, so this really could be the make-or-break moment you’ve been wishing would happen. For moms and moms-to-be already hitched, this is a time to focus on your marriage, not just the kids. If you can steal away for a trip with your partner, or just a night out, find a way. The one-on-one time, uninterrupted, can really lift your spirits. Challenge yourself not to talk about the kids while you’re out too—it can be hard, we know! The seventh house of relationships includes non-romantic ones, too, like those you have at work or at your child’s school or a volunteer organization. Same thing applies: if there’s a relationship ready for the next level, take a step. The full moon can help close the deal on anything that’s been in the works for the past six months—maybe you reach the end of a big project or you’ll finally feel comfortable delegating some of your work. At home, your relationships also can bloom under the Aquarius full moon with your children. It’s a good time to attend a Mommy & Me class or have a “date day” with one of your children if you have multiple kids. The extra one-on-one time with each child goes a long way toward keeping a strong bond. If you’re thinking you don’t know where to start, here’s a good resource from a blogger who implemented date nights with her children:  We think kid dates are the best, unless we get dragged to a Justin Bieber concert—in which case we’ll just hope we run into Orlando Bloom.


Get ready to set some goals—and then watch as you impress the heck out of yourself by achieving them, Virgo. On August 10, the Aquarius full moon flicks on the lights in your sixth house of health and fitness. If it’s gone dark, your eyes will adjust quickly. In fact, you may finally see the light when it comes to kicking vices or bad habits (cigarettes? diet soda? nail biting?). Just like that, you will be able to overcome what’s been dragging you down, so be open to the power of this full moon. Don’t have any vices? Stop bragging! Well then maybe there are some doctor’s appointments you need to be sure are on the calendar. How long has it been since you checked in with your OB? Is it time for the mammogram? While you’re at it, book appointments for your children as well. And don’t forget the dentist. When you see your doctor, be sure to have her check in with your blood work—it’s always good to have a clear picture for things like cholesterol. Plus, more doctors are now testing for gluten sensitivities and other allergies. Having a handle on your health gives you more energy for parenting. Consider natural and alternative therapies too, since you’ll be open to exploring those under this moon. The sixth house also highlights organization (your wheelhouse, Virgo), so your health kick will extend to your home. What closets can you clean out? Are the new baby’s clothes arranged by size? And get out a notebook, because you could find yourself on a mission to map out meals and grocery lists for the next few weeks. Or, finally try one of the meal delivery services you’ve heard your other friends are using (Plated, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh…to name a few). It’s a good opportunity to also get your family eating nutritiously by presenting the options, not lecturing them about it. For young children, we think Eat Like a Dinosaur is really adorable and might just help you in your quest. Also, finding time to exercise may not feel like a chore. You could join up with other moms you find or maybe you’ll see exercise in everything: pushing the stroller the long way to where you’re going, taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work, and doing some subtle bicep curls as you bring the grocery bags into the house. Otherwise you’ll be hitting the gym with some enthusiasm. If you’re thinking “no way,” maybe a fitness band will help get you started. We’re loving the new Tory Burch/Fitbit collaboration and hope more designers follow suit. Something about wearing a piece of high-end jewelry versus a childish-looking plastic band could make all the difference in your adoption of the technology. That and the fascinating graphs these things generate about your sleep—seriously, it’s scary how many times a night we wake up, even those of us without newborns!


How about a touch of glamour, Libra? A splurge maternity wear piece (hello, these pants!) to go with the cheapie Target tops? Or a relaxing blowout for a date night? Libras are known for good taste, and you’ll be all about flaunting yours with an Aquarius full moon on August 10 accessorizing your fifth house of self-expression, creativity and play. Expecting moms, this isn’t the time to hide behind muumuus or to take the bad advice from well-meaning people who will suggest you simply buy a bigger pants size (yeah, that doesn’t work—we’ve tried). Just as when you’re not pregnant, you want to feel good in your clothes—and look good. And wearing oversized maternal is just going to make you feel weighty and dowdy and not at all like the goddess you truly are. Treat yourself to some self-care in the dress-up department. That goes for you, too, moms! Toss the peanut butter fingerprint-stained T-shirt into the hamper if you’re leaving the house. No one cares if you’re not wearing the size-whatever-you-think-you-should-be-wearing—just dress for the size you are now and look hot. There’s good reason not to complain about your size if you are a mom of young girls as this USA Today article points out. If your kids are into shopping with you, they are fun little judges in the fitting room, although they tend to think we look great in everything (bless their little hearts!). You could easily turn a trip to find a few new things into a date with your kids. If they’re old enough, take them to a show after, or introduce them to live theater. Exposing your kids to art might really resonate with you right now, and even inspire your own creativity. Paint a room? Get crafty? Plan a party? Change out the art in the living room? Tap into your own childlike spirit in everything you approach and it’ll be as much fun as you imagined it. The fifth house also rules fertility, and you could find you’re expecting if you’ve been trying (or maybe even if you haven’t!). Or you could get the answers you’ve been waiting for about your fertility tests and begin a conversation with your partner about next steps. One caution: you may be feeling extra emotional under the full moon. Dial down the theatrics, but allow yourself to feel your emotions as they come. Wear your heart on your sleeve if you need to. You’ll be proud of yourself for letting it out, and let that clue you in to what’s really going on for you. Because the full moon also is a manifestation of things that have been in the works for six months, think back to anything that started at the very end of January. Maybe you’re seeing the results of those efforts now and that produces some big feelings for you. Hopefully tapping into your childlike spirit this week will help offset the emotion for you. When all else fails, a little retail therapy could help, even if it’s window shopping or scrolling through shoes on Zappos.


Cuddle your cubs, mama bear—you just can’t get enough of them right now. Like that seductive new baby smell (hey, that’s real, according to the New York Times breathe it in. But let’s be real, they need their space and you need yours, so we’re not suggesting you smother them! The older ones might not even let you in for a cheek-peck—just not in a public place where someone might see them, right? Regardless, connections are going to feel extra important to you as the Aquarius full moon rises on August 10 in your fourth house of home and family. If you’ve felt at all felt distracted, your attention will swing fully in the direction of those nearest and dearest. How about starting a regular movie night (a reason to all snuggle on the couch!). Here’s a list of 50 family-friendly movies so you’re not endlessly scrolling through Netflix options trying to please the entire crowd. Or how about getting them involved in the kitchen? Can you imagine your children making you dinner? What a dream! During this intense mama bear boost, you might also consider booking a photographer for a family portrait. A special occasion or family milestone is not a requisite for having a family portrait taken. Or maybe you’re considering a keepsake belly cast. Decorating the nursery is also top-of-mind for you—and you could have your sights set on the rest of the house. No need to go too crazy yet with the baby-proofing. Covered outlets may just be an inconvenience until your little one is crawling and you need to do that. Same with gates. You have more important things to do right now, like spend QT with the family. You may be feeling so generous as to invite some relatives to your house, or to arrange a visit to them. The full moon in your fourth house of nesting could also bring a move or thoughts about relocating or renovating. This could be the culmination of something sparked as far back as six months ago, at the January 31 Aquarius new moon. Maybe you’re even in the middle of that move, and we should let you get back to unpacking those boxes now.


Is there a message in the bottle? Not in the ACTUAL bottle you’re using to feed baby, Sagittarius. But hey, if you can read milk residue like tea leaves, maybe you’ve found the next big thing! Sag, you’re the zodiac’s spontaneous spirit, so ideas like this might hit you all the time, and especially now while you’re feeding the baby, or, if your kids are older, you’re waiting in the car at pick-up. You’re particularly open and in tune to receiving messages this week. On August 10, the Aquarius full moon shines on your third house of ideas and communication. It also can be a manifestation of things started at the Aquarius new moon six months ago. So what’s the writing on your wall? You could have an all-out epiphany this week. That idea you had for a mom-based business suddenly clicks. You find yourself searching through Kickstarter campaigns for inspiration for your own. This inspiring mom opened her own “empowering” clothing store to meet the needs of tweens she thought were not being met at the mall  And this mom built a $20 million market research business. If these examples feel too ambitious for your tired mind right now, the Aquarius new moon can manifest its charms in other ways. It could simply be that you receive word back from someone you’ve been waiting on, maybe about something important. You could hear from a long-lost friend or relative. Or you’ll receive a welcome phone call, email, or snail mail from a friend you’ve not been in touch with for awhile. The third house also rules siblings. A brother, sister or a friend who feels like family could figure into your life this week in a significant way. For pregnant women, this is a good time to read your books, have open dialogue with your caregivers about your childbirth options, and with other women about their experiences on all topics baby-related. You’ll be feeling like a sponge, but be careful not to soak up too much of the negative along with some of their war stories. Imagine how you want your birth story to play out and envision it, meditate on it, and believe it so that when the day comes you are energized with the positive thoughts, no matter what happens. If you’ve already given birth and you have a war story, why not rewrite it like this mom did ? Just put a little spin on it if you have to because remember, your children will hear and know that story. Do you want the sordid tale of them coming into the world to sound like the worst thing that’s ever happened to you? Probably not! If your kids don’t know their birth story, why not share it with them (the non-scary version, of course!) or put it in writing as a keepsake for them. Conversations you have, even with your children, will be eye-opening and mind-expanding for you.


How can you sweeten the pot, Capricorn? On August 10, the Aquarius full moon illuminates your second house of work and money. Something that may have been in the works for the past six months, since the January 31 Aquarius new moon, is going to bear fruit. And you are ready for it, because chances are good you’ve been spinning your wheels and needing to get out of a rut. For some of our moms, this full moon may give the clarity to know which next steps to take. Are you finished with your extended maternity leave? Do you think you can finally settle on a nanny to make a solid attempt at your life-work balance plan? For mothers with school-age children, are you practicing for early rising, early to bed, and planning meals? As the zodiac’s task-master, we know how much you love routine and structure, and planning ahead, but let’s not take all the fun out of it, huh? How about a family checklist that everyone can contribute to, so you’re not only dividing and conquering, you’re teaching them good life skills, and they don’t think you’re just freaking out about everything. Here’s a checklist that might appeal to you. Under this full moon, a financial matter you’ve diligently been working toward could come to resolution. If it’s going back to work, that’s obvious. But for moms who are not working a traditional job or don’t plan to, there may be other financial opportunities that pop up that are worth exploring. And if you can find a way to manage your family and to bring in a few dollars, we know you are the one who can do it. These opportunities probably won’t come gift-wrapped; they’ll require you to be proactive. Conversely, if you’re ready to bow out for maternity leave and plan to return (or aren’t sure yet), here are some good tips for how to handle it. Additionally, it’s a good time to take stock of your savings plans and your investments and see where you can add or make more lucrative choices. Even evaluating your insurance plans can save you money and help you discover any hidden costs. All this focus on earning and saving money may feel a little serious and sterile. Treat yourself while you’re out back-to-school shopping, too! Or, consider a short, luxurious vacation to someplace before school starts or just go across town to the hotel with the awesome pool—what kid doesn’t love those? If you’re expecting, how about a mini babymoon weekend getaway? Stay at a B&B while your family is still considered “quiet.”


Just press play, Aquarius. If you’ve had your own passions on hold, the Aquarius full moon on August 10 gets you out of pause-mode. The spotlight is on you and your needs and dreams while the moon shines in your first house of self and new beginnings. You may be thinking, “Yeah right? ME first?” We know. It can be challenging to focus on yourself as a mom, and even as a mom-to-be—and pressure from society doesn’t help. But the stars are in your corner and the spotlight is on you this week. It’s time to put yourself out there, debuting a personal project or even a bold new look. Maybe you find your voice, daring to speak the unpopular opinion or lay down the law. If you’re struggling with that, try out the voice you’ve been using in your head. You may find that once you get the nerve to let it come out of your mouth, they listen! Being vocal about your needs is VERY important as a parent, especially to not lose your own identify and your own sense of self. Here are some sweet questions you could get your kids to ask you, so they learn more about you—the person. It might even be an enlightening experience for you to do this with your own mom or an aunt or another close female relative. This full moon also is the culmination of events sparked at the January 31 Aquarius new moon, which was something like a personal new year for you. You may experience less guilt now at taking time for yourself, and looking forward to the “me” time you’ve scheduled. Even one hour at the gym could feel downright luxurious, but it’s just one hour of 24—your family will get over that you’re not there to tend to them and, in fact, you may inspire in them the idea that you are indeed a separate entity. For moms-to-be, uncertainty can creep in about what life will be like after the baby comes, especially for first-time moms. Can you stand the random people who suggest your life will be over, or that you won’t have time for the things you love? Block out the naysayers! There are no rules. Do you like to travel? Guess what? You don’t have to give it up. Kids love traveling. In fact, children will take on any passion their parents have, because your enthusiasm is so contagious, so share away. The first house also rules appearance, so you may feel the stirrings of wanting to make a dramatic change in your look—to your clothing or to your hair. It’s no time to hide in the shadows, be loud and proud, and look good, too!


Assume the surrender pose, Pisces! On August 10, the Aquarius full moon shines on your twelfth house of spirituality, healing and closure. Like your mother’s intuition about how everyone is faring, you are now keenly aware of how YOU are feeling. The twelfth house is the natural domain for your sign, so you may enjoy this inner work. Let go of things that have been weighing you down. Slow your pace. If your stride is already slow (hello, newborns and toddlers) then relish in it. Don’t fight to fit everything into a day if you can’t. This full moon is encouraging you to slow down, rest, and let things come to you. If you can steal away for a few hours, an afternoon, or a day, take advantage of the quiet time. At the very least, attempt to get yourself on a sleep schedule—as best you can! Just try not to make yourself crazy researching sleep schedules for you kids. The internet is bubbling over with tips, tricks, “don’ts” and debates on touchy topics—enough to make you toss and turn just thinking about them. This New York Times blog post has some vetted resources that might help. Rest is important to avoid burnout, and no one wants a burned-out mommy! Your dreams might be prophetic, so keep a journal nearby to record them when you wake, or speak them into your smart phone for later transcription. You may discover messages or signs in your dreams that help you gain clarity on what’s been nagging at you. Be sure to turn off the TV, though, or you risk having really weird dreams, or suddenly experiencing insomnia. If you’re expecting, you’ll find yourself open to the world of new age mama stuff, like massage, but maybe also crystals and goddess cards. The Aquarius full moon also can bring closure to something started at the January 31 Aquarius new moon six months ago. Chances are you will see these messages clearly if you quiet your mind to receive them. It’s a good time to teach your children about giving back, too. You may feel called to begin volunteer work and maybe you involve them—and there’s no better way to teach compassion than by demonstrating it. Find calm activities to do with your children, too, like visiting museums and galleries, or trying a music lesson. But avoid falling into the trap of making things a chore. Try to go with your rhythm now, and like we said, surrender! Trust that the universe has the best plan in mind, and don’t swim upstream, Fish!

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