Mama Glow Obsession: Misha + Puff Knitwear


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We love a handcrafted products and supporting the people who produce them around the world. Misha + Puff is an heirloom, handcrafted knitwear for babies and kids. Designed in the US by Anna Wallack, the designs are  hand-knit in Peru, where women knitters are given opportunities to support their families through working from home or at a knitting center that provides meals and childcare. So the products are ethically produced. 
Misha and Puff was founded in 2011 by Anna Wallack after her baby son spent his first New England winter keeping warm and cozy while swaddled head-to-toe in knits she had made. Drawing on over ten years experience as a stylist, as well as personal understanding of what works well for little ones, she created a collection that is special yet unfussy.
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Working with the best natural fibers only, each M+P style is hand knit from 100% Peruvian cotton. The wool items are washable and does not felt up, keeping its softness for baby’s comfort. It is also naturally antibacterial and wicks moisture away from the body so your baby stays dry and cool. Each item is dyed with all natural plant dyes and the hand dying process creates a beautiful depth of unique shades & tones. Sweaters, onesies, bottoms and accessories appear in exclusive colors such as cinnamon, plum island, truro and sunflower.
The brands classic styles are hand-knitted from soft merino wool or alpaca, and every style is uniquely enhanced with traditional Peruvian knitting techniques, such as pompom detailing, and popcorn and zigzag design. The most recent collection saw styles incorporate peplum details, portrait collars and boat necklines and the accessories range has broadened with the addition of the snugglesack. Each knitter takes great pride in the items she creates and you will find her name stitched onto the hang tags of all her finished products.
Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.02.31 AMMisha + Puff recently introduced its Patchwork Project Blanket, a blanket which not only builds their product range but it also provides added sustainability & benefits for the families of their knitting community. Misha + Puff has become a steady source of income in Lima, Peru and as the children of their advanced knitting team have children of their own, they have become interested in getting involved with the knitting group even though they do not necessarily know how to knit.
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To involve these new mothers, Anna designed a patchwork blanket consisting of a variety of squares which can be put together using a simple, beginner stitch. This allows the women to knit at home, so they can take care of their children without having the travel for work. The simplicity of the blanket provides a nice introduction to get these new knitters involved. Reusing material and preventing waste is very important at the knitting center and so the blanket is a project that embodies this vision as it focuses on using odd ends of material and scrap yarn that is left over from production.
“Every day, we create the world we want our children to live in. Everything counts. This is the one way we contribute to that world.” – Misha + Puff

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