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Mindfulness: A Mama’s Guide to Resetting for the Fall Season

| October 21, 2020

Placing a priority on mindfulness in the new season can feel like an unattainable task for most busy moms; however, the process can actually be quite simple. Mindfulness at its core is the process of reflecting on a current time by accepting and acknowledging how you feel in that moment. This technique has helped countless individuals to better understand and love themselves despite the challenges of everyday life. Since it’s no secret that moms in particular have to overcome more challenges than the average person, mindfulness is a great technique for even the busiest of women. Try taking some time this season to reset by listening to your emotions and putting the tips below into practice.

Have Reflection Time

From journaling to meditation, carving out a time to reflect during the day is a solid way to work on being more mindful. The problem with finding reflection time, however, is that most moms already feel as though there aren’t enough hours  to do the simplest of things in their day. For moms that have no extra time in their day, try swapping in reflection time for something else. Whether you spend five minutes less scrolling through Facebook, or you watch one less Netflix episode before bed, making time for new habits is all about what you choose to make a priority. Beyond this, make sure you are framing your reflection time as something that is important for your overall health the next time you want to skip out on it. Recognizing the need to identify your emotions this season, especially in the midst of a global pandemic, might end up being more therapeutic than you think.

Establish a Routine

Stressful and scattered mornings seem to almost always be a part of every mom’s daily routine, which can tend to make for an even more stressful day on the whole. While you can’t always control the unexpected things that are thrown at you each day, you can make an effort to establish a solid routine to avoid them as much as possible. In the coming weeks, commit yourself to creating a morning routine focussed on you. The benefits of a morning routine are undeniable, and can sometimes make a difference between a good day, and a great day. The best place to begin when building a morning ritual is by identifying how much time you know you’ll have in the morning. If you have but 5-10 minutes to spare, use this time to sip your morning coffee in silence. This will help you to ease into your day through reflection (and caffeine intake). Should you be fortunate enough to have a bit more free time in the morning, consider incorporating a morning walk into your routine. One of the best ways to feel energized and prepped for your day is by getting up and moving around. Besides being beneficial for your overall health, low intensity morning exercise is a great time to listen to your favorite podcast, or relaxing music, letting you take control of/set the tone and intention for your day.

Know Your Love Language

Knowing your preferring love language can be an important way to tap into what might make you feel appreciated as a mom. As you reset this season, be mindful about the things that you know will make you happy, and put them first. The love language quiz is a free personality test that allows you to better understand how you perceive love and affirmation. Consider the five types of love language below:

Words of Affirmation: Sometimes as a mom, all you need is to hear “thank you” when you’re feeling down. Whether you create a love letter mailbox at home with your kids to make affirming each other fun, or you coordinate a time at the dinner table to express thankfulness, such activities can be the perfect pick-me-up in stressful times.

Gifts: While some moms may not want to admit it, the giving and receiving of gifts is a perfectly natural and valid love language. Receiving a thoughtful gift out the blue or treating yourself to something special every once in a while is a great way to acknowledge and love yourself. If you’re looking for some inspiration in order to show yourself some love this season, try putting together a fall inspired self care kit! Focus on items that put comfort and relaxation first, such as a new pair of slippers or some fall scented candles. If you’ve already invested in fall inspired items, consider upgrading essentials that often get neglected as a mom. Try finding the perfect pair of underwear if you’ve known your underwear drawer has needed an upgrade for some time, and don’t be afraid to prioritize comfort. It’s no secret that as a mom, your body naturally fluctuates and changes, and the perfect way to celebrate this is by treating yourself to items that offer relief as opposed to restriction. Whatever gift you end up settling on, make sure it’s one you would feel excited to receive!

Acts of Service: Are there certain things around the house you absolutely dread doing? From vacuuming the stairs to loading the dishwasher, moms tend to do a lot of frustrating chores without complaint. If one of your main love languages is acts of service, try making a chore chart of your kids or partner that outlines your least favorite tasks. Set a weekly goal for your family to take on one unwanted chore a week, and see how this makes you feel. Moms who interpret acts of service as a love language are sure to feel more appreciated throughout the week if extra things are getting done, without having to ask.

Physical Touch: Have you ever just needed a hug at the end of the day? Whether it be from your partner or your kids, sometimes physical contact with those you love can be what’s missing from your day. Should physical touch be a key love language for you, make sure you consistently incorporate it into your week. Whether you have a movie cuddle night or you go for a walk with your partner and hold their hand, everyone needs to feel love through touch once in a while.

Quality Time: Last but never least is the love language of quality time. Staying mindful this season means cherishing moments with family and friends. If having quality time with loved ones is important for you to feel their love, make sure you are scheduling this throughout the week and sticking to it. You can establish no-phone zones like at the dinner table to prioritize connection, or pick a day each week to try out some new family board games. However you choose to use your quality time, be sure to reflect on it and cherish it.

At the end of the day, being mindful truly comes down to knowing what you need as mom in order to feel your best. Whether it be a time for reflection, a strict morning routine, or a deep understanding of how you perceive love, take some time to tap into these things. If you’re struggling with mental health this season and overall mindfulness, consider this useful resource on managing anxiety. Most moms like to think they can do it all, and sometimes that’s just not realistic. However, mindfulness can be a great way for moms to grow in their understanding of themselves, and in their self care practices.

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