Maximize Your Winter Radiance: Spread the Glow from Head to Toe



It’s so chilly out right now and your skin needs strategies to stay radiant all winter long. We loose moisture through the night while sleeping and due to the heat indoors and extreme cold outside- the skin has to constantly adjust. This is the time our skin needs the most maintenance. Develop a regular routine for self care- we call it glow time. Spread a little glow with these 3 tips and maximize your winter radiance.

Scrub: The Matrix of dead skin cells is thicker on the body than it is on the face. The most effective way to remove those cells is to actually scrub your skin while it’s dry. Have you ever heard of dry brushing? It helps to not only remove dead skin cells but also move blood flow beneath the skin and lymphatic fluid, making your skin appear healthier and more radiant. You can also use a scrub exfoliator- it should be plant based- seeds, nuts, coffee, sugar, are all good bases for scrubs- avoid micro beads- which are made of plastic. Use small, firm, circular motions- starting with the feet and work your way up the body to increase circulation and spark that glow!

Our glow pick for scrub-a-dub smooth skin is: Java Jolt Organic Sugar & Coffee Scrub by Organic Bath Co. 

Soak: There is nothing in this world like a warm bath. A bath is one of the most effective ways to get water into your cells and plump them up- leaving them radiant. Adding mineral salts and citrus revs your skin and body, opening congested skin to the healing properties of the minerals and leaching toxins out of your cells. Sprinkle a cup of bath salts into the warm water along with six drops of citrus essential oil. Soaking also relaxes the mind and eases the body- eliminating stress, which also takes a toll on your glow.

Our glow pick for a savory warm soft skin soak is: Lavender Peppermint Tea Tree Bath Soak.

Hydrate: For that dewy skin, reach for creams and oils right after the shower or bath. I often grab a body oil and apply while still in the shower- while the skin is still damp and I can lock in the moisture. It also works wonders if you dry brush first- then shower and apply the oil or cream. Really work in thick creams- like whipped shea butter, mango butter, so it penetrates your skin, and massage the muscles while you are at it, that will get the blood flowing and help to brighten dull skin.

Our glow pick for healthy hydrated skin is: Cream by Zoe Organics

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